More about to happen – Yoga & Zumba

I’ll tell you what I’m so excited about attending this week which I shall share my story with you, soon:

This is going to be the TOP HIGHLIGHT of the week!

I’ve been on and off from Bikram Yoga but my interest and my comeback to the practice is never going to be neglected. A lot of people are going to fly to Manila and I’m one of them who’s going  to meet Mr. Bikram Choudry, the founder of Bikram Yoga -a popular form of hot yoga performed in a copyrighted series of 26 hatha yoga postures done in a hot (105 degrees Fahrenheit or greater) environment.

Working-out at CURVES! I received a call that they’ll be launching ZUMBA soon which I have been so excited and looking forward to.  It’s so great knowing they’ll have someone have it taught in Manila soon plus it’s just at Serendra!

What a way to hop back into fitness, right? Although I’m doing a 30 days program, having runs here and there in preparation for a long run pikermi with the boyfriend, I guess, having to go through variety is going to be the best bet I’m ever going to hop myself into in order for me not to experience getting burnt out from the usual routine.

What about you, what’s your fitness plan this week?


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