Milena’s Cakes

Nutty Banana Chocolate Cake by Milena

If it’s not sinful enough, it’s not a worthy Chocolate cake but fear not about Milena’s Nutty Banana Chocolate Cake – the vegetarian’s favorite dessert. Every diabetic’s and lactose intolerant’s heaven sent. The gluten-free dessert won’t even make you feel the guilt on your tummy and thighs.

Talk about LOW CARBS!

Not too long ago, Organika has been giving away these scrumptious cakes which got me at “Vegetarian” – I shared on my story that I am undergoing the transition period of  being a Flexitarian (a person who eats occasional red or white meat) to a Pollotarian (a person who occasionally eats poultry but no red meat) on the way to being a full Pesco – Vegetarian (vegan who eats seafood). It was just a short comment on facebook telling them that it’s great to find out that there’s someone in the Metro who caters such delicacy to the Vegetarian market or at least those healthy eaters.

Unexpectedly, ORGANIKA and Milena gave me an entire Cake! Wowza!

Photo Courtesy: ORGANIKA

Milena Krahulcova,  Czechoslovakian Model who fell in love with the Philippines after all the projects she had to go through in and out of the country has conceptualized and brought Milena’s Cakes. Her unresisting love for the animal got her share her sweet indulgences without the cream from cows, eggs from chickens and too much sugar which diabetics would feel sorry or suffer from.  With an advocacy to feed children in each cake she get to sell, Milena aim to promote vegetarianism and supports foundations.

It surely was love at first bite. The curiosity has already diminished, when I had my first bite – I knew I was going to ask for more without the guilt! You wouldn’t even recognize that you’re having a whole wheat cake which has NO animal fat, NO white sugar, NO artificial sweeteners, non- dairy and egg-less.

We finished the entire cake in 1 day and yes, I’ve had more than just a slice!

With her own chef whipping all the pastry, she also has other cakes for you to choose from: Caramel melted choco cake, apple pie, lemonade diet pie and cupcakes.

You may order through +63915 2574735 or go to Mercato Centrale at Bonifacio Global City. You might see Milena herself manning the booth!

Thanks Milena and Organika for the Cake!


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