Fresh Delivery!

Lined up for some spotlight:

Nutty Banana Chocolate Cake by Milena from ORGANIKA

This runner also has cravings and the sweet-tooth needs to be satisfied and fulfilled but fear not for this scrumptious VEGAN cake isn’t sinful AT ALL. You’ll be salivating your craving and get to eat THE ENTIRE Cake without worrying too much on your waist line (thighs and hips)!

The Smart C+ Fruit Box

Healthy truly is the IN thing and it will FOREVER be. Let’s indulge on Smart C+ Fruit box. Freshly delivered!

Have you tasted these goodies?

I can’t wait to write about these two christmas and new year gifts from Organika and Oishi! For now, let me go to a charity event and celebrate the arrival of the three kings at Star City Animal Wonderland for some gift giving for World VIsion and Kids Foundation.

Gotta run!


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