Sudarshan Kriya

I’ve had this on and off relationship with Yoga.

When I was still in College I used to frequently attend Bikram Yoga in between breaks (made sure I’ll have 3 or even 5 hour breaks just to have ample time to fix myself and commute to and back), join classes from the Gym membership and found solace to its practice but due to the inexpensive cost of classes and scarcity of studios – I forcefully stopped and has been attending rarely to barely.

Even during the time I flew in to Wyoming and New York, Yoga has always been there for me.

How I wish I knew better. I’ve tried different practices but as of date, it’s hybrid yoga which has grown on me.

Remembering those days when I was still employed in the corporate world, I’ve always considered the proximity of a yoga studio and inaccessibility as much as the cost range. When I moved one company to another, I’ve always known that Yoga (and a running route) will always be part of the consideration.

After all these years, It was only late 2010 when I realized all the goodness Yoga has brought me into. Aside from the occasional surfing sessions and all my marathon training – Yoga, again, has never left me.

2011, I aim to find peace and gain that flexibility – It would require tons of patience, will-power and hard-work but the challenge that Yoga brings is unexplainably empowering. I am ready for the challenge and grow from this practice. Knowing is different from experiencing and the training which will strengthen me will lead me to find a better focus, a humbling transition from a single breath which connects the mind, body and soul.

I need not to convince myself anymore (not that I ever did). Whether a 15-mins practice to jump-start my day or a 35 min class of Hybrid Yoga; It has helped me in terms of mind-body consciousness and how I foresee people and my surroundings better. Yoga has transformed the way I go about living each day. WIthout a doubt, I am still in progress.

From what was just an exercise instilled in me – this year, I aim to learn more of the philosophy behind the practice.

Remembering what Coach Ani De leon (Philippine’s pride, Tri-athlete) said in one of our twitter conversation “The more you learn, the more you realize that there are so much more for you to learn. ” Which my Yogini friend Drinie Aguilar (who also inspires me in this practice) also said. Just like in running or in any sport, the practice makes you prepare for your first goal, and then it challenges you, humbles you to a journey towards fulfilling another greater goal after another – both of which Yoga also prepares you in.

From one disposition to a much optimistic, brighter and calmer one.

It’s just the 4th of January and yet opportunity abides, I am attending Part 1 of the Art of Living retreat on 31 January – 5 February to experience, be taught and practice breathing techniques together with low-impact yoga and meditation.

Art of Living: Course Part 1

* Practices that heal and harmonize the body, mind, and spirit
* Skills for handling negative emotions and situations
* Practical wisdom for improving work and relationships
* Insight into the laws that govern the mind and emotions
* Stretching and low-impact yogafor health, circulation, and body stillness

You may read more information HERE



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