2010 Running Journey

Funny how I traced back on my 2010 bucket list and all that I wrote and declared was this : ” This year is all about races and save up for more traveling bliss” and yes, 2010 brought me to tons of races and got me run for a cause in Singapore.

It surely was a milestone for this woman who has struggled a-lot when she hopped back into running. In between preparation to these runs, there were more runs. There’s NO ROOM for the faint hearted.


Distance: 21 km / 13.1 Miles

Location Route: Greenfields Sta. Rosa Laguna

Time: 3 hours 15 penguin

The Bull Runner Marathon

Distance: 42.2 km / 26 miles & 385 yards

Location Route: Nuvali, Sta. Rosa

Time: 06:54:27

Adidas King of the Road

Disclaimer: have it not been because of that 3 men who fell right in front of me drama, would’ve finished 5 hrs +


If I did it, so can you!

Here’s to improving and training much more. 2011’s focus on time and pace.

Added bonus: I am now certified as a TRX instructor/practitioner. So, If you’re from down south? Holla!


6 thoughts on “2010 Running Journey

    • kassy says:

      Hi there! are you from the south? 🙂 you may email me or sms me, let me give you a call re: rates

      i conduct classes within the comfort of your home 🙂

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