Let’s Stretch & Run!

Albeit I don’t normally stretch as much as how everyone does it before a run, I still find myself doing some which can improve your stride (increase your pace) and help you avoid injuries. Here are few easy moves which I do before and after a run.

Influenced by yoga.

Downward-Facing Dog (Ardho Mukha Svanasana)

Why do it: To help prevent tightness in the backs of your legs, improve stride length & nix calf cramping.


Kneeling Triplanar Lunge

Why do it: To help lengthen hip flexors and open the fronts of your hips, which can improve running posture and form. It also stretches the side of your core.

Cross-Legged Seat Stretch

Why do it: To help stave off butt, sciatic, and lower-back pain that can be caused by running too much, too soon or sitting for long periods of time.

Side Lunge Stretch

Why do it: Stretch your ankles, thighs and hamstrings to loosen up those well used muscle group

Gate Posture

Why do it: Get rid of the love handles? check! this stretch challenges all layers of the ab muscles but don’t bend lower than is comfortable.

You’re just not aware of it but yes, running and yoga does give the perfect fit!


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