Why do I run?

I’ve been asked often times on why I run such horrifying mileage, why did I even bother having it on my bucket list, Why run? I say, Why not?

You’ve always been running, you just forgot how it’s like to be blissfully running.

From the day we wanted to stand in our own two feet from trying to crawl to get to point A to point B, walking was just the icing of the cake – running was where we’re mostly on high.

You’ve got to remember that YOU are born to run.

See those toddlers as they attempt to step one foot after another, they try to make it a little bit faster and then the next thing you know, they’ll be giggling endlessly being able to go to (or away from) their mama and dada or having to go to the pantry where their milk bottles or toys are. 

That’s how I feel about running – The liberating bliss knowing you’ve reached the distance. Just like toddlers, I have found independence combined with every kilometer I have reached, not only on the road but also towards how I foresee life.

I owe my current disposition to running and I don’t think I’ll ever regret being in love with it.

The day I officially declared I will step my foot on the next level running on races on 20 December 2009, I knew there was no turning back. It was a commitment I got myself into, a relationship towards my own betterment, my self-esteem and my life. I have caged myself months after I got induced with steroids and ballooned non-calorically , being depressed and gradually turning into a cynic was the disposition I will never get myself back into. It was a character I have never thought I’ll be but going back to my roots and after digging holes trying to remember what makes me happy – running took all of what almost destroyed me and brought me back to this girl filled with hopes and courage.

Here are few more reasons why I run:

  • Each time I lace out on a route, my wandering mind seem to find more focus and clarity each time.
  • During my “offertory runs” I find forgiveness and the strength to move forward and not dwell on the past
  • I get to recognize the beauty of my village or at least get to explore what are the new restaurants in town
  • Inspire people to head out and take a route even if there’s tons of cars on the road –  now, there’s about a handful of us on the streets and cars respects us runners by giving us “the right of way” to our own lanes (the sidewalk?)
  • It makes you feel good that you’ve accomplished something challenging – from getting up early in the morning, to dressing up, to braving the weather until figuring out the proper breathing technique.
  • Aside from losing weight, you actually learn to eat healthier and have healthier choices.
  • Because you want to feel good and perform better when you run, you skip out late night parties and don’t give much attention to gulping buckets of alcohol anymore nor be within a vicinity of smokers.
  • When you feel better, you feel sexier!
  • You cherish and give importance to 8-hours of sleep
  • You run, you eat guiltlessly.
  • Friends, you meet new friends and motivating, encouraging and supportive ones to be exact!
  • You appreciate Patience as its virtue and that though time is golden, you realize that the journey is already a reward itself.
  • You get to help others by running for a cause at the same time you help yourself achieve your goals.

These are only but a few and there’s a whole bunch more.  Now, how about you? Why do you run or well .. Why don’t you?


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