Run: Standard Chartered Marathon – Registration

Thanks to my friend Joanna Magalong for being there with me at Singapore. I travelled stress-fee knowing I wasn’t able to do my research about Singapore except for the whereabouts of the marathon map.

When we arrived Singapore, we stayed at another fellow runner’s pad Vanj Endaya who was running her first marathon. Joko and I slept for a few hours, got up and did a little tourist roundabouts before and after we claimed my race kit.

Let's do this!


A few bus stops and learning curves, we got to the redemption area safe. Standard Chartered organized the area easy for tourists. There were directional standee banners all around – It gave runners a glimpse on how the race is going to turn out – well informed race and spoiled by markers.

As soon as we arrived the site, I was trying to compose myself and not get too hyped up. I was pretending as if I wasn’t that excited but the truth is, my knees were shaking and my heart was nervously beating.  I couldn’t believe we were already in Singapore nor the fact that the race was within few hours away.

Inside you’ll see an organized  system. It was astounding seeing 15-year-old kids responsible entertaining and taking good care of runners concerns, checking the registrants needs and handing their race kits in a well orderly manner.

This is it!

But there were minor glitches regarding my registration. After all the Drama Augh! Another one?! When will this end!?

Few glitches but There's no way I'm not running this race!

Albeit my name was registered, the registration process wasn’t complete – they weren’t able to charge my credit card for the fee. I was about to freak out but with the 15-year-old kids’ help, they quickly took good care of the dilemma. I showed them the exchange of email Standard Chartered Marathon sent me and proofs which stated my acceptance to run the marathon.

I would like to commend “Princess Wendy”  for being accommodating and efficient. She did her job as a volunteer great!  I wonder if we can also have interns to take good care of our own country’s races?

Few minutes of waiting, the race kit was handed over to me and the singlet. Oh, the joy in my heart was unexplainable.

This is it! I’m running Standard Chartered Marathon for Maple Tree Foundation!












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Thanks Chaia Witchkitty for the Shirt, sent all the way from Australia last August and Dietrich Bautista for the “Kassy” bag designed by fellow runner – ultramarathoner Abby Jocson ( )


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