Pre-Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore Drama

Remembering the day the email notification arrived my mailbox, I thought the necessary were the only sole things I’d have to figure out but prior to the tapering days, I had to go through tons of highs and lows in preparation for Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore. Experiences which determined my motivation and lead me to tons of encouragement.

1. Being the unemployed that I am, I worried about my upcoming finances for Singapore.

2. getting almost injured from giving my lunar racers a second chance when I ran for the very first time with a tri-athlete running coach

3. Had colds for straight 2 weeks and fever for a couple of days.
4. got invited by Coach Ani De Leon to join one of her clinics only to end up me bumping into her running around Ayala Alabang Country Club and felt infuriated (I’ve yet to attend your clinic, Coach Ani!)

5. My passport was expiring in 2 months time and we only found out about it 3 weeks prior the Marathon!

6. Ran my last 5km and felt dizzy towards the end of my run 2 days before flying off to Singapore.

Obstacles are there to either boost your spirits up or beat you, I opted the prior.

Each time I felt defeated by my emotions, I log on to my blog and remind myself that there are people who has been supporting my cause, donated for Maple Tree Foundation and helping me all through-out the journey towards the destination.

There’s no other way but to move on and do what is necessary. God does a lot of wonders, because of my unemployed status this marathon preparation gave me the courage to get my gears on and put on to my thinking cap – I jump started my own company, KAS Events Management & Media Relations and he has graced me with projects which are aligned to my lifestyle (vegetarian and active!) and company set-up (hosting, events and media relations). I gave my foot a couple of days to rest, ran few 3kms test short runs and when it starts to ache again, I wrap it on kinesio tapes and rest them again. To recuperate from the fever, I gave myself all the luxury to sleep and slept some more.

Always put worry in its proper place — out of your life.

What about the rest of the obstacles? Buckets of tears were shed, I felt it was a hopeless case but through all the solutions extended to me by friends on facebook and twitter, with the help of my parents after losing out of breath from crying, we were able to have my passport extended until 2012 – what a relief!

I thought, the feeling was synonymous to being injured! not being able to run is going to be the end of me. I have prepared this far, sacrificed tons of things, There’s no way I’m not going to run SCMS!

As for the last 5km wherein I felt dizzy and almost passed out? It might have been the pre-race jitters. I was supposed to be tapering but I couldn’t resist, I felt the urge to head out and loosen up to release my excitement and getting nervous. Yoga sure did helped a lot but there’s nothing like being out on the road with fellow runners who’d cheer you on directly or indirectly.

Special thanks to Adination Bonifacio High Street , Kikay runner Noelle de Guzman and Qtv Xlife friends (JC, Steph & Gino, Marco) for the fun running drills!

Next stop, Next post, Here ye Singapore!



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