Run Release: Jillian Michael’s Fitness Wisdom

The Best Life for Her, A Woman’s Guide to Health & Fitness


Today’s modern woman works hard to achieve her dreams. And for female professionals, wives, mothers, and daughters, living one’s best possible life involves not just reaching personal milestones, but being in the best state of mind and body to enjoy their achievements to the fullest —the parallel pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and personal fitness is just the right ticket to personal fulfillment, confidence and happiness.


As celebrated fitness buffs like Jillian Michaels (resident trainer of the US series “The Biggest Loser”) will testify, proper nutrition and regular exercise not only shed pounds and burn calories, they also help combat stress, as well as reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and different types of cancer.


And just as they come in all shapes and sizes, women now have different workout regimens to choose from, and fitness icons like Jillian Michaels to serve as role models for total fitness. Says Michaels, “for any female body type, my recommended fitness approach involves maximizing every aspect of your workout in order to get the best results. This includes both your various exercises, as well as the different equipment you use. It’s important to pay close attention to your range and efficiency of motion, the variety of your workouts, as well as the ergonomics and comfort you get from your equipment.”


Taking off from Jillian’s words of wisdom, here are some sure-fire ideas to help you ladies get on the fast-track to fitness:

Run around the block (then later, the marathon)

Running is the most accessible yet also one of the most calorie-blasting workouts. All you need is a good pair of shoes and a supportive sports bra and you’re good to go. Getting into a regular running routine also boosts the body’s immunity to colds and other viruses, and gives the heart a good workout like no other, leading to better health and greater endurance.

Relax, and let go

For the ladies who prefer meditation to go along with their exercise, yoga offers a unique workout of mind, body and spirit. Learning various yoga poses improves the body’s flexibility thus preventing several causes of back pain such as sitting and driving too long. By concentrating intently on your body, yoga calms the mind and soothes stress.

Play to your strengths


Paying attention to the muscles around the torso and pelvis by doing sit-ups and push-ups helps improve balance and stability. Core exercises are useful in most sports and other physical activities as they stretch and tone the muscles to avoid injuries. On the other hand, strength training, which involves the lifting of weights such as dumbbells, barbells and resistance bands, helps to strengthen not only the muscles, but bones and tissue as well. Highly effective for raising metabolism and burning fat muscles, strength training exercises not only builds lean muscles but confidence as well, making it a perfect workout to show off those toned arms in sleeveless tees and stylish dresses.


Leading multi-sports equipments retailer in the Philippines, Chris Sports offers high quality, fun and easy-to-use equipment and products at competitive prices that caters not just to athletes but all sports enthusiasts and fitness buffs.


Chris Sports exclusively offers world-class equipment from NordicTrack such as the NordicTrack Slimming Suit that helps shed the extra pounds and remove body toxins through heat retention, the NordicTrack 2lb. Thumblock Wrist Weights gives women easy-to-use and comfortable weights that fits in your wrist like a glove and the multi-purpose NordicTrack Adjustable Toning Tube that easily tones shoulders, back, arms and thighs.


Getting women to perform at their best


“Good equipment can spell the difference between an effective and safe workout and preventable accidents and injuries. Chris Sports brings the latest and cutting-edge workout technologies in its equipment and products within the reach of every Filipino. We believe that getting fit allows every woman to perform at her best, whether it’s at work, at home or just to look and feel good,” Gilbert Tang, Managing Director for Chris Sports Philippines shared.


Renowned cutting-edge sports brand, Lifegear, also exclusively distributed by Chris Sports in the Philippines, features a specially fabricated anti-static Lifegear Yoga Mat with unique natural bacteria resistance. On the other hand, Lifegear’s Resistance Band helps women build up and tone their upper and lower body for an all-over workout while Lifegear’s Sauna Suit, women’s staple favorite aids weight-loss by inducing the wearer to sweat profusely.

Chris Sports has been offering these items and other equipment at great prices. With more than 29 outlets nationwide including Glorietta 3, Festival Mall, SM North Edsa and The Annex, Ayala Cebu, the newly opened SM Tarlac branch plus the new location at SM Megamall B, second level, there is sure to be a Chris Sports store near you.




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