Divine Wellness

I have been on and off from yoga but my motives then weren’t in depth to what yoga truly is, albeit I am still a work in progress, fortunately I was privileged to attend a free online session with well practiced Yogi’s from India.

My practice back to yoga started with Divine Wellness trial class – a webcam, microphone and a strong internet connection was all that you need and your yoga mat.

A session filled of breathing (Sudarshan Kriya) and postures (Asana).A holistic system of meditative exercises.

Albeit I’ve yet to schedule another session with them, I am grateful for the relationship we built over a single session. They have guided me through the transition of my lifestyle. I wake up everyday wanting to practice yoga as much as I am thirsty training mileage of runs and I opt to have more of the organics and not wanting to have red meat again.

15-25 minutes of self-practice of Hybrid Yoga is all I need on a busy day.

Divine wellness nutritionist helped me with my beginnings.I’ve begun learning how to nourish my body close to vegetarianism, it was a choice which I didn’t have to make – it just happened.

  • Brown rice instead of white rice
  • greens instead of rice and pasta
  • mushrooms instead of meat chunks
  • Fish variants instead of red meat (occasional chicken chunks)
  • Raw, grilled or boiled than fried
  • Fruits, Fruit Juices, Soups and more of those

The bonus? I lost 2 lbs in 4 weeks effortlessly!

Divine Wellness provides live personalized one-to-one Yoga classes and consultation delivered right on your desktop or laptop via video conferencing. The classes, conducted by the finest, experienced Yoga teachers of India, are easy to use and highly interactive.

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