Runner’s Review: King of the Road 2010

For someone training for a full marathon, the training plan is essential. When Adidas King of the Road was announced, I already hoped to be part of it however I didn’t have enough pot to shed for an Php 850 registration fee even though I kept on reading about the winning item which was the singlet which normally costs just the same in Adidas outlets but buying a new singlet wasn’t on my budget; for Php 850, I can possibly buy new pair of socks and other marathon training essentials but fortunately, Editor-in-chief Manny de los Reyes of Fitness Magazine and Speed Magazine blessed me and my fellow runner Vicky Ras with race kits supporting our upcoming run for a cause at the Standard Chartered marathon in Singapore.

There was a buffet prepared for all participants and finisher’s medal. Exciting!

Terrible running form towards the finish line

Perhaps the Pink singlet’s were allocated for the media, I’ve got no complaints about not having the special KOTR black singlet – besides, its free, why complain? The focus is to run the distance. I couldn’t find the reflective slap strap though (only to find out everyone didn’t receive any)

Pre-registration nightmare? None.

October 24, 2010 Race date.  We were gratefully lucky to score a parking space, I don’t think Adidas Organizers (eXTribe) was able to announce such important detail to begin with.  I usually find where the portalets are, but I couldn’t find them either – It wasn’t much of my concern but I tried to check where the bag depository is but where was it?

A little drizzle during the crack of dawn but the rain stopped the moment the pack of 1, 200 runners in the 21km category assembled and waited for the gun start.  I saw pacers stationed dressed in an all out Adidas outfit (imagine Php 50,000 worth of items) with balloons tied on their caps (5 min/km, 6 min/km, 7 min/km, 8 min/km); a jolly host who was trying to make a conversation to every runner his cordless microphone can reach. Minutes before the gun start my boyfriend who braved to conquer 21km, gave me a kiss and agreed we’ll run the first 3 kilometers side-by-side then I can already run ahead, hopefully meet on turn-around points and run back to where he is to run with him towards the finish line.

The goal was to finish 2:45 even though in my head it was 2:30 finish. I finished in 2:22, a huge improvement from my first 21k, which my boyfriend and I finished 5 months ago. He improved 30 minutes from his previous.

The Race

It would’ve been nicer if they had the gun start at 5:00 instead of 5:30 but because of the good weather, it went perfectly well for 21km runners except for the following:

–        Potholes we had to skip away from during the first three kilometers

–        21kms runners met the horrendous 5,000 10km runners which compress everyone into a single file in order to surpass that certain part of the race (I had to make a short-cut by running within the empty lot beside it – which everyone behind me followed)

–        Lack of water and Powerade on turn-around points especially the last fuel stations (soon as I finished my 21km race, I hurriedly took a bottle of cold water and ran back to hand my boyfriend a cold bottle – I even shared it to a fellow runner who had cramps and begged to sip from my bottle)

–        During the turnaround point, I didn’t see any mat, which predicts the split times of a runner.  And there was only one (1) marshal when you get to Makati flyover towards Global – Yikes, the traffic!

–        Not enough Portalets, I saw a long line of runners waiting for their que.

I really didn’t notice the glitches of the race not until my friends made me realize all these things. It also made me realize how much I have prepared for the army with my new hydration belt packed with essentials. I have learned from the previous runs; KOTR was the first dress rehearsal towards my upcoming 32k and finishing my first destination full-marathon in Singapore.

I ignored the first two water stations, refueled my empty bottles towards the middle of my run and carried a bottle of cold water which i gave my boyfriend as I ran myself to where he was after I finished the race.

I have forgotten about the loot bags and the buffet when I saw my watch stated the huge time I improved from my first pikermi but soon as my boyfriend and I finished the race, that’s when I asked – where was the buffet? What are they serving? Are there loot bags at least?

Is this the new definition of buffet? One banana.  One jumbo hotdog.  Two pieces of bread? Let me review my notes back in college or maybe consult Mr. Merriam-Webster.

Again, I received my race pocket for free and I should’ve have any qualms but given that there are thousands of runners who was sold to Php 850 race pockets, the race was overpromised and yet under delivered.

Didn’t eXTribe learned from the 10-10-10 Run for Pasig? There were few glitches and yet there they were again.

But all in all, I was happy with the race given that I surpassed my goal to even greater time. I was somewhat successful to my dress rehearsal albeit of course I’ve yet still to train more. Many Thanks to Tessa Prieto-Valdez who unknowingly I paced with, runners who cheered me on along the way and that elite woman runner who pushed me run faster towards the last stretch.

Dear Adidas, you can improve more next year but please don’t ignore runner’s voices regarding your promises which weren’t bestowed to us.


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