UNILAB Active Health Letter to Runrio runners

A message to all our Runrio runners

Posted: 18 Oct 2010 09:21 AM PDT

Dear Runners,

First of all, my heartfelt thanks for your unwavering support of all Runrio events. This you have shown, not only through your enthusiastic participation in our races but also through the generous and sincere feedback you have given on how you appreciate what we are doing, as well as how we can better deliver on our promise of A-rated races you all fully deserve.

Once again we are overwhelmed by your interest in the last and final leg of our Runrio Trilogy sponsored by Unilab – theUNILAB Run United 2 race.

We are saddened, however, that despite our pre-registration tests and dry runs, the first week of in-store registrations has been far from smooth. We apologize for the glitches in the registration system and distribution process that have caused many of you great inconvenience.

We thank you for all your valuable feedback which helped us and our technical team have a better grasp of the problems and how we can best resolve them.

As head of Runrio, I take full responsibility for the problems that have ensued and reaffirm my commitment to resolve them at the soonest possible time. I thank Unilab for their support despite all of these issues.

Please allow me also to offer an explanation to the problems have experienced – not to excuse ourselves but to better appreciate the solutions we have set in place to address these.

1. Automated Registration System

The automated registration system is intended to ensure accurate data capture from the registrants however, there were unexpected problems in internet connection and brownouts in some registration centers. In resolving the internet connectivity we upgraded our RIMU hosting to have a faster response rate and a multiple broadband connection on all registration centers. More so, we are currently running live on all sites. However, there are times that the connection is low and is beyond our control but rest assured we could back it up with manual registration.

2. Singlet Availability

We fully acknowledge the unavailability of singlets in most of the registration centers. This is due to our decision to outsource singlet’s fabric in China for better quality however we miscalculated the shipment time of arrival and had problems of getting the shipments out of customs. As head of Runrio, I decided to have the singlet’s flown-in by commercial plane, shouldering freight and customs duties.

All registrants will have their singlet delivered to their doorstep without any additional cost. Singlets will be at your doorstep starting November 3.

Please take note that, only the first 10,000 registrants are assured of receiving the singlet with the size that they prefer. The last 10,000 registrants will be able to get their desired singlet size on a first-come-first-served basis.

3. Unavailability of free Unilab Active Health kits upon registration

On the first day, Free Unilab Active Health kits were unavailable due to late delivery but were resolved right away. However, there was one instance that 8 to 10 registrants were unable to claim their kits because of the store’s limited space of storing a large number of kits. In resolving this problem we constantly monitor the registration centers to make sure that all stores will have Unilab Active Health kits at all times. For those who did not claim their kits can be delivered to your doorstep without additional cost.

Rio De la Cruz



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