15 days : 30 Days Change Your Ways Challenge

Has it been 15 days since I last posted about the everyday challenge I succumbed myself into? I am already half way through my self-imposed 30 days challenge. During the first week I mentioned I only accumulated 20 kms per week; Now, I am trying (need) to up my base mileage to 40-60 kms before race day ( December 5, 2010 ).

This is in preparation for the upcoming Standard Chartered Marathon in Singapore which I, together with Vicky Ras are running for a cause for Maple Tree Foundation

On my second week, I have already achieved 32 kms and on my third just the same.  Although I suffered from sinusitis and ran 15km ridiculously a little drowsy on medicine last sunday, I have felt the change of my stride and the strength on my legs.

Alongside to the 15 days I wasn’t able to log in, I successfully took out red meat in my dietary menu including chicken not unless there are no any other choice. I also gulp on Tomato juice as suggested by Divine Wellness and based my menu’s from their recommendation for the past 7 days. I only spent less than Php 1,000 for an entire week’s menu, too!

Healthier Options:

  • Brown rice than White Rice
  • Low-fat Milk than Full cream Milk
  • Yogurt than Ice Cream
  • Have green salad + tuna chunks + cheese for lunch! Yummy!
  • Fruits, Smoothies (minus the additional simple syrup)
  • Soon as you wake up, Start the day with Nuts ( Almonds = 5 to 6 pcs)
  • Oatmeal than rice packed breakfast
  • Eat 6 small meals a day

The energy is pretty amazing since the day I obliterated beef, pork and chicken; my skin looked better since I am indulging more on greens and fish plus I haven’t felt any migraines especially during pre-menstrual period cycle. I wake up earlier in the morning, whether to run or read a book, to work-out on TRX Suspension Training or try few clips from the Insanity videos my  ultrarunner addictus bag designer Abby Jocson gave me a few days back; I get to conk out of the day earlier than midnight too (although my normal bed time before was 10:00 pm).

This week I will have to complete a total of 40km. I will be running my next pikermi on Sunday which means my runs should be composed of 5k’s and 10k’s before race day.  I’ll keep on basing my dietary menu from Divine Wellness, do Hybrid Yoga at least thrice this week and play around with my TRX Suspension Training together with Insanity for my core.

Felt great, feels great! Lets see how it’s going to flourish by the end of the 30 days change your ways challenge. Cheers!


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