Unilab ActiveHealth Events Readers PROMO

It’s pretty fascinating that there are more men and women who are health conscious and has been transforming into each of their own fitness enthusiasts. Unilab has come up with a promo which will benefit those of you who cares about their well-being. Share your thoughts, Get a chance to win this contest!

  1. Answer the question Why is it important to be healthy and active?” or “What do you do to stay healthy and active?”
  2. Your answer must be between 20 to 50 words only.
  3. Leave your comment below. Don’t forget to leave your email
    so I can get in touch with you. Entries with no email address are disqualified.
  4. This Readers Promo is from Oct. 15 to 22, 2010 only.
  5. One winner will be chosen from this blog.

The best entry wins a special gift pack from Unilab ActiveHealth! So what are you waiting for?

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13 thoughts on “Unilab ActiveHealth Events Readers PROMO

  1. Paul "The Pageman" Pajo says:

    Why is it important to be healthy and active?

    When you realize that your work actually entails you sitting on a chair and looking at your laptop for hours on end, you realize that you actually have be healthy and active to continue what you’re doing. A lot of younger people also look at what you’re doing and exercising makes for a good exemplar.

  2. Alan Sotelo says:

    Cycling clears my thoughts so that I could make better decisions. Running makes me think about new ideas. Playing Ultimate Frisbee puts my character in check. An active lifestyle makes me feel balanced.

  3. Life Runner says:

    “Why is it important to be healthy and active?”

    An active lifestyle helps you realize that your only limit is yourself. This helps you not only on the road but seeps through your everyday life.

    Plus you get to eat food guilt free from all your hard work!

  4. Tristan Allan Queliza says:

    to become healthy i maintain my diet buy watching the food i ate. it is very important to have discipline to your self.. it is the most essential way to become healthy and live longer.

  5. aileen says:

    being active and healthy keeps me happy and sane which keeps the people around me happy which makes the whole world a happier place.

  6. jokoness says:

    What do you do to stay healthy and active?”

    To stay healthy and active, I do a whole gamut of things from running, swimming, working out with a trainer in the gym and surfing when there are waves. I watch my diet and eat healthy. I marvel at my progress and the things I can do now.

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