John Mayer: Then you come crashing in, like the realest thing

… I can’t stop loving you, I can’t stop loving you with half of my heart

I was about to fall asleep when my friend Iya called me up about Manila Concert‘s John Mayer raffle announcement. I have already bought tickets since John Mayer isn’t someone I would like to risk not having to witness live, in flesh but God has truly been blessing me, September truly is filled with surprises. I can’t believe I won two (2) Bronze Tickets for the upcoming concert on October 1, 2010 at Mall of Asia Open grounds.

What a way to end September, what a way to welcome October!

Iya: Hoy Nabasa mo na?
Me: Alin?
Iya: twitter!
Me: What about twitter?
Iya: John Mayer!!
Me: We’ve got our tickets delivered already, it’ll be with us on Friday
Iya: Manila Concerts, Nanalo ka ng dalawang (2) Bronze Tickets!! Dali na, magpasalamat ka na!

Me:  * rose from the bed and did a butt dance  then hurriedly went in front of my computer *

I totally forgot my boyfriend who was held on call waiting. Obviously, I am this much in love with John Mayer. The news encapsulated my day towards a blissful night. I am truly more motivated. God has been giving me the opportunity to train better and this time around, he just gave me a gift to relax for a night and not deplete myself away from those who actually help strengthen me.

When Iya suggested for us to sell the tickets, I decided to just give it to the rest of the girls. I have been blessed, I want to hand it as a blessing as well. It has been sometime since all of us gathered complete since Carla is happily married and taking good care of  her baby girl, and we’ve got different priorities plus my being focused on training – or at least, not risking not having enough sleep.

Manila Concert Raffle

Visit for concert news and updates! Endless gratitude to Manila Concert! There are NO words for the love!

You may read my entry, HERE.


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