SPORT REVIEW: Playing Disc with the Ultimate Warriors

A couple of friends has been encouraging me to try Ultimate Frisbee but I just can’t seem to hop in due to all the excuses I can come up with not until one day, I, together with my boyfriend finally decided to just head our way at Mckinley Marine Barracks field to give it a try. The feeling of being intimidated is no longer an option plus I’ve always wanted to play out in the field (aside from running on ovals or throwing shot-put throws)

For those who wants to try Frisbee, Here are few things we learned.

What is this outdoor sport called Frisbee?

Frisbee is one of the most basic outdoor games you can play. Frisbee is actually that round, disc shaped object which you throw through the air. This sport has injected kids and adults for decades and they call it Ultimate Frisbee for those who has been playing the sport in to the next level.

Usually,  this sport is also being played together with their dogs. Throw a disc to a dog and they’ll run after to retrieve it.

This sport is often played in an open field or down at the beach where the winds usually create exciting throws due to the air currents. It is like a UFO being thrown and you catch it like pancakes or huge pizza dough right in front of you.

“Ultimate Frisbee” is what you call disc throwing on a sort of soccer/football style of game.

How do you throw the disc?

It is a repetitive movement of side squats and lunges, arm and wrist throws from the stomach area.  It takes a lot of practice to master to throw the disc especially wrist action and the flicker on how you release the disc on a straight non-wiggling angle.

How do you play Ultimate?

Expect a fun-filled exhilarating session!

The objective of the game is to score points by passing the disc to a player in the opposing end zone, similar to football however every player should have the disc thrown on the air and must not be kept within their hands no more than 10 seconds and on a statuette position, moving one foot while holding the disc.

Players are usually played by 7, 3 women and 4 men or at least 3 members of each sex on one team at a time.

Scores are made successfully in completing a pass to a player located in the defensive end zone. After a score, each team will switch their base.

Upon defense and passing of disc, the opponent or the defender will say “stalling 7.. stalling 6.. ” and onwards counting until “stalling 1” , when the disc hasn’t been thrown within the duration of counting, the disc will be dropped on reception or during possession, it will be transferred to the other team.

What are the Essentials?

  • Frisbee disc (diameter may vary 8-10 inches or 20-25 cm) — optional.
  • Towel
  • 5 liters Water Cooler Jug
  • Knee socks , knee pads (for those who are playing)
  • Soccer Turf shoes or cleats. Any shoes which has the ability to grip on grass especially when wet & muddy
  • Jersey shirts or comfortable shirts ( shades of light and dark color )
  • Cap

For a person who has been in to solo sport such as running and solo activities such as Yoga, Surfing, and TRX. Frisbee surely made me feel the “spirit of the game” which is composed of all the sportsmanship, fair play and respect. I sure am excited to experience playing together with a team out in the field  for a “pick up game” once I get to master few more disc throws.

It sure is another one of those sport I am highly interested in learning since it’s also perfect to play out in the beach! Here’s to another Ultimate Frisbee day with the Ultimate Warriors!

Want to join us?
Ultimate Warriors practices are during Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday’s
Saturday 16:00 at Marine Barracks, Mckinley

Special thanks to Che Bello and Jb Sanchez for teaching us. Will definitely join you Alan Sotelo and Freia Ocampo, Soon!


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