SPORT RELEASE: TRX, The Challenge to fitness Enthusiasts to “Get with The Movement”

SAN FRANCISCO – Aug. 4, 2010 – Fitness Anywhere, creators of TRX® Suspension Training® bodyweight exercise, today launched a nationwide “GET WITH THE MOVEMENT” campaign – a consumer rally cry that dares American fitness enthusiasts to put down their weights, get off their exercise machines and take a more dynamic, movement-focused approach to building their overall health and achieving their fitness goals. The campaign drives to a new interactive website devoted to The Movement at

GET WITH THE MOVEMENT is a community of “ACTIVEists” that include champion football quarterback Drew Brees, Ironman® female triathlete Tyler Stewart, and elite Strength & Conditioning Coach Todd Durkin among others. These are men and women who are passionate about the idea that fitness needs to be less about sedentary methods, such as recumbent bikes and motion-limited fitness equipment, and more about training the body the way that it actually moves. This movement is a call to action to get off the couch and make constant activity a part of their daily lives, all the while challenging existing fitness enthusiasts to expand their activity to include a wider array of physical activities into their daily lives. GET WITH THE MOVEMENT testifies to the notion that fitness is not about hard bodies, but more about bodies that are fit, strong, and durable.

“Functional fitness methods have brought a level of freedom to fitness. Literally anyone can get a great workout wherever they happen to be – on the road, in a park, at home, a gym…anywhere. That’s what this campaign is all about,” said Randy Hetrick, President of Fitness Anywhere and the personification of the GET WITH THE MOVEMENT campaign. “GET WITH THE MOVEMENT champions fitness as a lifestyle, and celebrates the “ACTIVEists” in our society that set personal goals and achieve them through fitness-oriented activities such as working out, running, cycling, climbing, team sports or a combination of these types of activities.”

Randy Hetrick is a former elite Navy SEAL Squadron Commander who developed Fitness Anywhere’s flagship product, the TRX® Suspension TrainerTM, using only salvaged parachute materials while on deployment. Hetrick parlayed this innovative concept and his personal approach to a goal-oriented lifestyle of activity, into one of the most successful and innovative new companies in the fitness industry. Now GET WITH THE MOVEMENT provides a platform for Hetrick and Fitness Anywhere to celebrate the legions of Americans who embrace this lifestyle, and challenge others to do the same. But Hetrick will not be the sole voice for the campaign. He’s enlisted long-time TRX user and MVP quarterback Drew Brees to help the cause as the campaign’s national spokesman.

“I’ve spent a lifetime striving to achieve goals that most said would be unattainable for me, so I know first-hand how powerful a goal-oriented mindset and active lifestyle can be for turning the ordinary, into extraordinary,” said Brees. “GET WITH THE MOVEMENT is something I personally believe in, and presents an opportunity for others to realize their own potential and move toward their own personal goals.”

Brees is featured in a devoted online advertising campaign, based on a series of dramatic and compelling video spots that showcase the message of The Movement, and focus on a unique “call to arms” to all fitness- or active-minded individuals that asks “what are you moving towards?” The Brees spot focuses on the idea of personal goals and on the motivation Brees found as an influential community figure who’s success on the field proved critical to the rehabilitation of the flood-ravaged New Orleans region. Additional campaign spots, highlighting this same message of personal goals and the question, “what are you moving towards?,” feature world-class triathlete Tyler Stewart, elite professional strength & conditioning coach Todd Durkin, and Hetrick himself, whose own story of elite Navy SEAL-turned-fitness guru/entrepreneur is an equally powerful lesson in the value of personal goals.

Fitness Anywhere has created a devoted website ( for the campaign that serves as a destination where devoted members can commune, share experiences, draw support from and offer motivation to others who are embracing the message of the campaign and lifestyle it represents. The site will also offer exclusive training tips and motivational information as well as videos from Brees, Stewart, Durkin, Hetrick and other influential “ACTIVEists.” In addition, community members will have the chance to be featured within the video advertising campaign through a special promotion asking for video submissions from members that illustrate their personal goals and specifically, “what they are moving towards.” Winning submissions will be highlighted in subsequent online video ads that continue this campaign theme. Consumers need to merely visit the website and register to download the exclusive training tips in order to become an active member of The Movement.

About TRX® Suspension Training®
Developed by Fitness Anywhere, Suspension Training® is a proprietary exercise modality that simultaneously builds strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. It requires the use of the TRX® Suspension Trainer™, a highly compact performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to enable hundreds of exercises for every fitness goal. The TRX provides a fast, efficient, functional workout virtually anywhere by securing it to a door, tree branch, pull-up bar, or other sturdy anchor point.

Since its introduction to the marketplace in 2005, the TRX Suspension Trainer™ has been used and trusted by trainers, athletes, physical therapists, and all branches of the military. Its popularity with professional athletes and team training rooms is exploding across the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC and NCAA. The performance training community, including world class conditioning coaches such as Todd Durkin and Mark Verstegen, and elite personal trainers like Gunnar Petersen and Bob Harper are embracing Suspension Training bodyweight exercise as a tried and true fitness method appropriate for all fitness levels. Suspension Training has also proven to be the ideal solution for personal, small and large group functional training and has been rolled out in top gyms across the country, including Crunch, Urban Active, and YMCAs.

The complete line of TRX products, training programs, education and accessories can be purchased directly from Fitness Anywhere, Inc. online at For more information on TRX Suspension Training programming call the company at (888) 878-5348 or email

TRX products are also available at Finix Warehouse and Chris Sports outlets in Manila, Philippines.

If you’re from down south, for personal training needs you may email runkassyrun[at]


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