Sport Diary: Jazz onto the Ocean (Surfing)

Well its true, According to long-time surfer Rabbitt Kekai “once a person rides their first wave surfing gets in their blood and they’re hooked for life.” Philippine Surfing Academy founder Paolo Manuel Soler, Solar Sports Host and Commercial Model who has been passionate for surfing for far more than 10 years has finally made dreamers wake up in a reality get to SATC ( Surf at the City) and have a believable day trip SURFari together with Australian, Head Coach Daryll Buckley,Founder of Noosa Surf Lessons, Queensland Australia, established 1991; coached states champions, international competition level and Australian finalists had their mission run to “provide the safest and highest quality surf education in the country.”

Together,  you’ll be taught,guided and be sharing more stoke by certified coaches such as Ejay Ventura and Commercial Model Lorraine Lapus (Marketing).

Good things happen to those who wait and with optimism joint together with passion and action the collaboration of Paolo and Coach Daryll made Surfing possible for those eager to savor the beauty of the blue-green water. Rest assured your love for the beach would totally change into another.

With only 2-3 hours travel time coming from Ortigas you need not to invest a week long surf trip to La Union, Eastern Samar nor must you forever dream about Aloha Hawaii, Sunny side Maldives, Australia or infamous Surf City California just to wear those tight fitted rash guard paired with your cool designed board shorts, paddle behind a curve to catch a wave and finally get to balance yourself after you pop-up or step-up on your gorgeous board feeling like a rock star heading unto endless summer.

8 June  2008 is one for the books. The urge to surf after all these years had me, one of those dreamers finally wake up in a wonderful reality to be part of ONE of PSA’s first SURFari’s gidget schooly.

Surreality. No need to slash huge amount to your savings; for a thin budget of Php 2500 you will be able to go with the flow,have a ride you’ll never forget and get to taste one of those awesome lunch at the beach which you have never thought your appetite can splurge on.

Where is this? A used to be Secret Spot that’ll be hard to tell which we now call as The ParK on March 2010

Questions rambled randomly such as Will I be able to catch a wave and stand on that board? Did i forget anything? Must I wear the girls short boardshorts or should I go ahead and have my rash guard on and a bikini bottom just like those surfer chics in the movies, on print? Was I able to synchronize the right tunes on my ipod for the trip? Will my surf mates be congenial enough or will they be hardcore already?

So many questions yet the answers will only be met the moment you get there.

You will fall in every possible way imaginable and look stupid with stringy hair. You will drink sea water, get an uneven tan and a runny nose, even sport a few battle scars and sore muscles. But none of those matter when you pop-up, ride the waves (and have the pictures to prove it!). Surf’s up and you’re instantly stoked!

With a little humor to twist the surfing momentums,the girls and the boys couldn’t help but talk through experiences which had one of the the toughest among all questions pop especially when you find yourself right in front of your humble hot instructor.

How do you keep composure and focus? Well, that was something all of us women had to debate and agreed on to. To sum it all up, I quote of those new found surf friends theory “when your teacher is hotter than sin, and you realize that you’re not looking at him anymore but instead you get turned on the horizon waiting for the next good wave, that’s when you know you’re hooked and nobody nor nothing else matters except you and your present haven

With no Pun intended, They’re awesome.

Albeit it may have seemed shallow to wander, when you’re in the disposition – You’ll understand. For now, pack those overnighter bags and don’t forget your swimwear, charge for a good ride in the ocean!


reposted. June 2008


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