Shoe Review: Bikila Vibram Five Fingers (On Running)

Birthday Shoes

I couldn’t be any happier when my boyfriend gave me THE  birthday gift (7 August 2010) Soon as I wore it, I couldn’t help but be a jolly little girl saying “I’ve got ducky feet! I’m wearing a Bikila! Ain’t it just strangely cute?” Read on my shoe review encouraging every runner to have a pair with passion.

If you’re a outdoor activity enthusiast and would want to have that pair of shoes which will serve you well in all kinds of activities, Vibram Five Fingers suits the one in need. It may look pretty strange but once you have worn it, your feet will be truly grateful.

You can run, surf,  swim, hike, boat, fish, do cross fit, or wear them in the jungle, swingin’ in the trees; use them for yoga, pilates and all sorts of activities you desire to wear them into. Since I received them a week ago, I have ran approximately around 10 kms already but I have used them more often walking.

Who knows, maybe you can beat a horse!

Vibram FiveFingers® footwear acts like a second skin to shield your feet from hot surfaces and rugged terrain. At the same time, it liberates your body to move in a healthy, more natural way.

Here’s my review:


  • The strap and the mesh of the Bikila provides a secure and comforable fit. No Chaffing even if you’re not wearing any socks on.
  • Built Quality, the fibers are intact, great condition and well built together.
  • The Straps keeps the shoes properly tight on you especially when you’re playing on water.
  • You can totally feel as if you’re walking barefoot and the shoes feels like you’re only wearing socks close to none.
  • Posture, it helps correct your posture hence I suggest wear these babies even during the days you just feel like walking.
  • Lightweight, you can’t barely remember you’re wearing shoes.
  • My ever changing foot from Pronation and Supination slowly has been adjusting to its natural gait hence it costs less in my pocket rather than buying one shoe after another.
  • Ran through the wet road and I didn’t slip at all, i felt secured away from injury.
  • I have replaced my flip flops with this pair. It’s comfortable and trains your foot to land midfoot. When I ran back to my Nike running shoes, I felt tall and my running form has improved since my feet felt rejuvenated, it falls midfoot and my usual right foot ache has gone away.
  • its so easy to take good care of this pair of babies. Wash and wear, ready to go!
  • It’s actually an ice breaker tool to make new friends. I’ve met strangers along the way, couldnt help but wonder “what are you wearing? Such cute pair of pink … shoes? where do you get to buy those?
  • I’m no licensed fitness instructor but with this current project that I have with a client, I am demonstrating few exercises. Having to wear this pair of babies made me have this image that I’m a Pro and that Its part of “the trainers look” (hey, why not? I’m actually considering and motivated to get fitter!)


  • It may be a little timely to wear the shoes since you’d have to adjust each toe fit to the right toe pocket but you’ll get used to it eventually and get to figure it out quick.
  • Since I replaced my flip flops with this pair, I have been strangely looked at by strangers and friends actually tease me like a duck (which btw I collect character posed rubber duckies) , its not a fashionable wear but it could be the fashionable wear.
  • Your feet perspires, you’ll feel the wetness of your feet but since its easy to wash, there’s no stench that’ll be left on it.
  • once you run on it, your legs, ankles and shins are going to feel a little sore since you and your foot is still adjusting the way it lands on the ground. Try to break it on short distances first in order for your gait adjust and you get the hang on it, in the long run your legs become stronger and you get to correct your running form along the way. It focuses the strengthening of the muscles in the lower leg and in the feet, that’s good news!

I’ve yet to take this pair for long runs but for now, I shall take it back packing with me on a surf trip! Until then, Shall post another review as it surfs with me and get stoked!



SEPT 5, 2010 for the 3rd VFF FANS CLUB FUN RUN!


Fivefingers Store now open in Level R1 Bridgeway, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell

For inquiries, you may call (02) 513-1449 or e-mail

twitter: fivefingersph


8 thoughts on “Shoe Review: Bikila Vibram Five Fingers (On Running)

  1. Runaholic says:

    reylynne: Thanks 🙂
    Jb: see you on the next vff run, hopefully my sched won’t be bumped off 🙂
    lonerunner: swak na swak kahit korte kalabasa! 😛 pano kaya iyon ano?

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