Celebrate Forever 26 (part 1)

On 6 August 2010 I broke the fear of driving Metro Manila after the accident I had years back when I first received my license in 2006. It was year 2007 when I hopped back into driving my own hard-earned money Jeep Cherokee due to necessity since there’s no other way for you to go up and down the butte of Jackson Hole, Wyoming but when I got back to Manila, Philippines the fear of driving the metro has never left me – I was just too scared for my life, the trauma when I got into an accident marked a huge rocky memory to never drive again.

Three years after, the unexpected happened. Never say Never.

Having to work with a group of Public Relations Specialists, Jelly Mecachor, Senior Account Manager of Ogilvy & Mather gave me and my friends the opportunity to drive a Ford Everest to enjoy the luxury of training somewhere else. Luckily, it was my birthday week and I was blessed with a two-night stay at Fontana Leisure Parks. What a fun way to Celebrate!

Since my friends including my boyfriend is into getting all healthy and fit, they joined me celebrate my love for running, Out of town trips, Nature, Gym, Swimming, Surfing, sleeping and good food.

We safely arrived at around 13:00, checked-in and was welcomed to our sweet villa.

We were given tons of extra pillows and comforters. Ate Korean noodles, had dessert and welcomed the first few hours of my 26th birthday with such blissful togetherness. Although I wasn’t able to stay up until wee hours of the night, my friends lounged longer for few tate-a-tate, I conked out cuddling the sweet comfort of the two-king size beds pushed together to make it bigger for me to roll over.

Just when I was about to conk out, another delight happened. Another off my wish list has been scrapped out. My boyfriend who joined our trip, surprised me with his birthday gift.

I love you, Boo! 🙂

Aside from the best gift joining us  to celebrate with me out-of-town and for being the boyfriend I still couldn’t believe that he is, despite the fact he’s not the type, he really bought me a pair of Vibram Five Fingers (this will need a different post).  Though I knew he has been planning to get me one, the feeling of actually receiving it on hand from him on my birthday made me want to cry. Thank you, Boo!

My wish lists for my birthday slowly scrapped off.

1. Conquer the fear of driving (Thank you, Jelly Mecachor (O&M) and Ford Philippines!)

2. Celebrate with my friends out-of – town (Thank you Fontana Leisure Parks and Ford Philippines for making it happen!)

3. Celebrate my love for running, surfing, nature together with my friends and for my friends who are non-runners/non-athletic to try it out.

4. Be with my boo

5. Vibram Five Fingers

That my friends was only day 1.

Vibram Five Fingers and Ford Everest deserves a separate post.


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