Birthday Shoes!

3 years ago, I conceded my running comeback through purchasing a pair of rubber shoes and nike sports band to track my mileage; the next year after, I celebrated with another pair and almost got hit with the rubber shoes addiction due to the marathon training by purchasing 3 pair of shoes in a few months interval but this year, albeit I gave myself another pair of shoes as a present, I decided to hop back into what girls should be obsessed about – Heels made for walking, heels when I needed a pair for my dresses or when I’m on my corporate attire.

The battle between the leather shoes and the rubber shoes was quite a tough choice but then, I was blessed with another pair. My boyfriend gave me a pair of  pink bikila from barefoot fivefingers as a birthday gift. I knew he was thinking of getting me one but I didn’t expect that he’d really buy me one for my birthday.

The girl and the runner in me is blessed with grateful feet. I love you, Boo!

Another one off my bucket list! 🙂


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