We’re all aware that our drivers license expires on our natal day hence we should renew every year. Lining up for medical and drug tests aside from lining up for renewal forms and having it processed to get the new license.  Oh, how I dread the scale for not being my friend especially during times of medical check-ups.

When I got to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) I was asked to go straight to the Satellite Medical Clinic after I was given the renewal forms, when I got in to see the nurse, I was given a number to wait until I get called to have the routine done. Soon as my turn was called for, I was asked to stand tall on a weighing scale which also has a height ruler which said I’m 5’2 1/2 tall weighing 67 kgs

I nodded my head and went through the rest of the routine, as soon as I finished my urine test – it was only then I realized that 67 kgs is actually 147.7 lbs or  10.5 stone. Was she kidding? I know that I haven’t been checking up on the scale but I am pretty sure that I’m carrying a 140 lbs and not close to 150 lbs again.

The scale made my heart-pound so fast that I can’t barely breath through the details. Instantly got worried about my running, surfing and also the clothes that I’m wearing. I haven’t been much of a good girl since I went through the ladies red letter week, got sick with colds and flu which made me took a pause from the training program but would that actually make me gain 7 lbs in a week?!

It was abruptly something I felt anxious for especially knowing Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon is on December and I haven’t gained much endurance for the mileage. For someone who wanted to finish on a better time, weight is something to work on to shed off in order to speed up aside from training.

Having that in mind, it has become bothersome that I am braving 3k’s and 5k’s like a newbie running out of breath. I told myself to work on the weight and that scale isn’t telling the truth.

Few days after my birthday, all the running, surfing and swimming at fontana – the scale has said that I have reduced down to 143 lbs yet I’ve yet still to shred off 23 lbs, my next goal weight down to 120 lbs.

Now, what was written on my license?  Stragely it states that I’m 67 kgs but when I was actually 160 lbs, my license stated that I’m only 52 kgs. This weighing scale is something I will never base on in terms of my performance but it sure is something others would base in terms of identification.

This weight battle will end and that scale will become my friend again, someday, soon.


4 thoughts on “Weight-a-minute!

  1. katol says:

    Hi Kassy.

    maybe you don’t need to look at the scale and not be conscious with weight. mind you the more conscious you are with your weight the more you will gain weight. just a thought. sounds scary but it can happen. 🙂

    and since you now an OSY, then you can now focus more on your training. buti ka nga naka-TBR dream marathon ka na. ako mag half-mary pa next month. toink.

    good luck!

    • Runaholic says:

      Half marathon is a huge milestone! You’re nearly there!! 🙂 I dont really check up on the scale but its somewhat bothersome still. Im more mindful in terms of fat percentage than what the scale would say but wouldnt it be nice to be your friend? 🙂


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