Birthday Getaway

On my birthday, there was about 3 things scrapped out from my bucket list.

In 2007, I spent my 23rd birthday in New York City alone which marked the start of celebrating every year in a different place. Come 2008 it was spent at La Union with my friends then 2009 at Cebu since it was also our friend’ wedding the next day. This year, although I have been pestering and bothering my boyfriend about my 2010 birthday celebration since March, the universe has conspired and blessed me on a budget friendly trip to Fontanta Leisure Parks for a free  and discounted two-nights stay in a villa(Thanks Dad) plus a car  lent by Ford Philippines.

It’s amazing how we were able to file leaves and made our weekends available for out of town trips to celebrate our natal day.

After work on 6 August 2010, the car was picked up and driven by me for the very first time after 3 years of not driving. I was scared and nervous but I kept the bucket list on my mind and the confidence wherein I have driven SUV’s before such as my first car Jeep Cherokee and my then workplace car Lexus –

I decided to come up with a list of things to do which my friends and I should celebrate about: My love for running, the cure I always get from surfing, friendship, togetherness and changes that has happened along the way. Its such a good thing that my friends has transformed to running converts, and the non-runners has given running (or the walking at least) whole-heartedly a chance.

Blog post to continue.. meanwhile here’s one of the videos from the trip.


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