The Palms Run Alabang

Start the month of August strong.

Every runner who wants to endure and last longer on long distances should train on steep hills and more hills. That’s what we picked for last Sunday’s race then to top a challenging route, a well organized buffet was served.

One of my wish list before I turn 26 has been granted, Thanks to Nao who suddenly called for everyone’s attention for a class picture with me holding the banner as their muse.   They’re one crazy, strong bunch of runners! The route said it all plus they’re the best support group marshals for any given race – filled with passion and concern. aNR alabang

Though I didn’t top my PR ( 1: 08 )  and felt frustrated finishing the 10k route lesser than my previous improved PR, I have concluded that there should be a different PR for flat surfaces and hills.   What have I learned? run more hills than flat surfaces, the challenge won’t just leave you training not to run out of breath huffing and puffing but also the patience to succeed finishing each hill come after each with vengeance!

Thank you Macky Hernandez (one of the event’s sponsor)  for inviting us to be part of this run.

Distance: 10k

Time: 1:20

Route: Hills at the Palms Route


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