Don’t neglect the small details

During my first marathon, there were drama obstacles I had to go through; few of which I tried not to have yet, occurred.  I have learned more from experience about the value of planning ahead and those which I have not foreseen. So, on my next marathon, I am training not only in enduring mileage but also forming a habit routine that my body will recognize towards the marathon date.

Often due to some simple, small detail that was overlooked regarding race day routine. Here are some few examples:

  • Not being used to running in the early morning, when most races start.
  • Breakfast decisions, such as what and when to eat.
  • Clothing, shoes, and socks — will they cause chafing or blistering?
  • Uncertainty about the sports drink provided by the race and whether it upsets runners’ stomachs.
  • Shoe choice — newer or older pair

On your (Sunday) long runs, According to the “Marathon Bible” ,You should be awake 3-4 hours before the start of a race, have your breakfast approximately 3 hours before the start, 2-3 glasses of water to hydrate your body 2 hours before the start and have your bag full of everything you need applying.

For clothing, wear the same clothes you will be using on your marathon date. If you have found the comfortable pair; hang on to it and use it for your long runs.   There are dry-fit, seamless clothes which are available, don’t use your favorite wired undergarments or cotton shirts to prevent chaffing on the side of your armpits and under your bra lines.  Use Petroleum jelly, have them with you and you’re set to go.

According to Runner’s World Magazine online; drink Gatorade or those sports drink after an hour of your runs and sip through water – not gulp on it like a mad man.   Experiment on those other sports drinks during your 10k’s or maybe even on 15k’s  – plot your route and make sure you know where to stop over for those “just in case it hits you” drama moments.

These are few thoughts, I’d probably post more in the process.. What about you? Care to share few advices for runners who wants to hit marathons?


4 thoughts on “Don’t neglect the small details

  1. Luis Arcangel says:

    I think your new blog template is awesome 🙂 For full mary’s always make sure to never burn yourself out on the first 10k, you’ll regret it later. Respect the distance!

  2. lonerunner says:

    If u run with An IPOD, make sure they are charged. It is very annoying to be wearing earphones without any sounds.

    Deodorant. Not nice to have a strong BO2 max (maximum body odor)

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