Power balance on my (wrist) wish list

I have been in and out of health and Sports stores since I have written down my wish list .  I have mentioned how the power of writing down and screaming it out in the world can help you fulfill what your heart desires regardless in what form they are.

Preparing for my next marathon sure does include tons of preparation not only in terms of training but also in terms of what can help you survive an entire 42.2 k route; we can’t deny our hobby “which supposedly is relatively cheap shouldn’t cost much except for a pair of rubber shoes” isn’t true – we rule ourselves on comfort in order to move forward and pamper ourselves with as much motivational tools  as we can and this is where my new delight is coming from – I have finally bought myself the POWERBALANCE I have been wanting after 7 months  for a cheap price (more than half on retail) .

Cross training tomorrow as I type this, Surfing back in the ocean to break in my new toy and gear up with my trainers for some provincial route on my rubber shoes.

What about you? How is your 2010 wish list?


7 thoughts on “Power balance on my (wrist) wish list

  1. katol says:

    i want one too. got to buy one before Milo Cebu Elims. but i’ll get the power balance necklace….

    goodluck in your surfing… surf high…

  2. lonerunner says:

    Is that ‘power balance thingy working?

    To answer ur question, i am wishing to be able to run again… I stopped na kasi but often wanting to go back to running. I shifted na kasi to a different sport e. I kinda miss running.. Hmmmm

    • chefsy says:

      So far, so good, It’s working pretty much. Even surfers are wearing them but of course, psychological thinking is stronger than any “power balance” and training.

      Tried a new sport? that’s okay. Hey, you can always hop back into it. The road will never leave you and those rubber shoes are still there for you to wear on enduring a sport. Hop back in whenever, I’m sure, the road will be pleased to welcome you back! 🙂

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