SCMS training: Week 1 Recap

Learn more about MAPLE TREE FOUNDATION through this link for their power-point presentation.

“I have never been this disciplined in my entire life” that was the partaking words I have told my TBR classmates and friends who asked how I survived my first marathon, of course with the help of The Bull Runner Jaymie Pizarro, we were guided through step by step, one long run after another and clinic after each clinic but this time around, its an entire different ball game – it’s about my plan, how I lead myself from the journey towards the destination.

No dream chasers,  mixed elite to newbie marathoners, a whole new route – a destination.

When I received the unexpected Standard Chartered Marathon – Singapore entry I knew I had to do this on my own, there’s no turning back and i can’t slack of. Training means more than finishing the marathon, it means safety away from injury and other illness.

Aside from hydrating as early as now until the succeeding, I am going to train myself to have the same meals during long runs in order to condition my body away from “potty drama” which I had during TBR Dream Marathon.

The Marathon training has been commenced and I sure am ultra delighted on my well improved 10k despite the fact it was a hilly route in Alabang.

Race recap week 1 :  Base training and endurance  ( total : 25 km )

Sunday (7/04) Milo Marathon Eliminations 5k
Monday After work:  50 min Stationary Bike rpm 80-96, level 2
Tuesday Rest Day
Wednesday After Work: 5k, 40 minutes
Thursday Rest Day
Friday Rest Day
Saturday straight jog/run 5k, 40 minutes
Sunday Run for Life: 10k, 01:10 min

Thanks to REYLYNNE DELAPAZ (runvocate), BARDS BATHAN (bananarunning) and KATOL VILLAGANTE for spreading the word through their blogs about the pledge to help Maple Tree Foundation.

Appreciate it.  Here’s how you can help * click *

Let’s keep on running! See you, soon!


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