Train for your first 5k

So you’ve decided you wanted to get out on a route or build better distance on the treadmill. The first thing you’ve got to do after you have DECIDED is to SET GOALS and PLAN. Take your calendar out and COMMIT to the days, no matter what happens you will work on what is marked and written; start on what you have decided on.

The usual obstacle of a newbie runner is how to take themselves out; the answer is to actually just get your gears ready and fight your way. Once you’ve got your gears on, there’s no turning back – don’t think, head out and Run!

Think of the short term goal: achieve each runs day by day, week by week and the long term goal: achieve a full 5k.  If you’re a morning person, allot extra 30 minutes ahead of your usual wake-up time but most do their runs after work or during lunch time.  Schedule what is feasible for you, don’t be afraid to experiment. You’ll be able to get to know yourself better.

Focus on minutes before mileage if you’re huffing and puffing, relax. Here’s a sample training week:

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: Short run of 1 km
Wednesday: Semi-long run 1.5 km
Thursday: Short run 1 km
Friday: Rest day
Saturday: Cross-training: Do whatever! Cycling, Swimming or Yoga
Sunday: Long run: 3km

After 4 weeks, asses if you feel your body is already comfortable with the distance you have had then add 10% on each day until finally you get to have a full 5km as your long run. If you can’t allot much time on training, make sure you get to run at least twice or thrice a week for 20 minutes until then you can already work on speed together with building endurance.

come race day on your full 5k,Make it a race against yourself. Enjoy and focus on finishing then you’ll rejoice you have reached the finish line and logged in your first race time.

See you at the Starting line!


2 thoughts on “Train for your first 5k

    • chefsy says:

      Yep, there are those who does that during lunch break 🙂 especially in Australia or in busy cities wherein they have treadmills inside their office!

      used to be like that too, NO PLANNING included but training for a marathon? sure needs tons of it!

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