Bananarunning and Runaholic in Flesh and on TV

Bards and I after taking me to a new 5k route

30 June 2010, Wednesday holiday at Bonifacio High Street. While everyone was tuned in to the Presidency Inauguration, we were at our playground  for a television running episode shoot.

Bards (a.k.a Banana Running) and I have been friends since I started blogging and logging my runs, its been 4 years. We were acquainted through blog posts and sms updates with a common denominator that we both wanted to lose weight, maintain and endure.

She was my virtual coach albeit I am the stubborn one with insomnia problems back then but I never stopped trying. She was there to remind me, messaging me constantly if I have already geared up and gained my weekly mileage, and lead me to Couch to 5k which I still get to mix up for my runs every now and then.

She’s actually the one who inspired me to go for  Singapore Chartered Marathon, it was her first, I figured, if she was able to do it, I too can albeit its going to be my second. She cheered me on during my first which was The Bull Runner Dream Marathon with tips and tricks. I am truly grateful.

4 years later, we finally met in flesh and both covered on a television show which will be aired this July on Qtv’s xlife.

Thanks Bards for the motivation, encouragement and for introducing me to a new route to run to – you have taught and inspired me once again. It was my first time to run a full 5k without an ipod, too!

Back Row : Mark, Trick and Lester. Front Row: Vicky, Bea, Me, Tin and Bards. Photo courtesy of Ketikat.

Whenever I finish unbelievable mileage, She’s always one of those whom I had to update. I owe her my beginning back into running.

Have I mentioned we’re aiming to lose few more poundage? about 4% on my end,  this is where we’re renewing connection.

We’ll be seen on Qtv xlife (an Active Lifestyle Magazine Show) on 21 July 2010, Wednesday, 10:00 pm hosted by Gino De La Paz


6 thoughts on “Bananarunning and Runaholic in Flesh and on TV

    • chefsy says:

      Hi, its been a while! 🙂 I hope I wont forget too.. since I get home around that time and conk out quick! Hahaha 🙂 Thank you, Bards has the speaking parts! 😀

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