You’ve got mail : Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon

Yes, I am running my second full on 5 December 2010 at Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon

Singapore, Here I come!

Cheap flight fare offer has already passed and my heart has already accepted that I will have to wait for next year for all the dream destination I have been wishing and hoping to run for.

But, this email changed everything. There are no words on how delighted and elated I am. To run for a cause and in lieu to the good news,  I am looking for a beneficiary for every kilometer that I will be running for.

For now, I will leave the good news and the plan at this pace.

I need to find a place to stay at,  compute on how much I’ll be needing in preparation and of course, the beneficiary to whom I will be donating all your donations in completion to the marathon.

Now that It has been confirmed, Would you help me make this dream happen?

You may email me through:, twit me  @runaholickassy or send me an SMS through +63915 3162252


4 thoughts on “You’ve got mail : Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon

  1. RunningAtom says:

    Congrats to you Kassy. I’d still need to have a birth cert, then passport, then out-of-country runs, hehe..

    Woww, marathon for a cause, now that’s the best news! I think Tita Nora could help or give you idea about whom you could support. Know what? After our Lactacyd relay, that’s what came next into my mind. Now I’m glad you have that idea since I might not be able to do it yet, lol!

    I’ll support you with that Kass, update me, ok? 🙂

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