Team Woman Run : Relay

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On the 27th of July 2010, Lactacyd has formulated a race for women empowerment “Team Woman Run” organized by FinishlineCoach Rio and was filled by elite to new runners held at Venice Piazza Mall, Mckinley Road. An all-women team relay accumulating to a half-marathon distance (21 kilometers)  sub-divided to four (4) runners : 10k, 5k, 3k, 3k respectively and individual runs for 3k and 5k.

Was on sick leave friday, half-day bed ridden on a Saturday and coming home real early after Dietrich and I waited for RunningAtom at Northpark for our race bibs and singlets then sudden date with Tamille and Chi;  Woke up 3am on a beautiful Sunday – I can’t deny that I was pretty nervous on the relay, not because I was scared of the distance but because It would be my comeback on experiencing relay after years of not being able to run one since high school track and field days.

Relays has always been my course when I was still part of the varsity weighing 110 lbs.

Carrying 140 lbs, 30 lbs over,  a half marathon and marathon after,  I have carved on training back to short distances for speed and strength overall. I have forgotten that short distances isnt’ about just the course itself but it’s about the power of your strides, how much you can fly.

Approximately 20-25 mins on each 3k I get to do on a treadmill at the gym, I finished the first 3k leg for 18 minutes; way beyond my expected time in comparison to what I have been training as my warm up before spinning/ rpm classes. Also ran together with Mia Bayuga (my surf – now running buddy who just got her comeback to running after 3 years) on her first 400m after I gave her the straws at the transition area then sprinted together with her towards her last 400 m 3k leg  encouraging and motivating her on finishing the race strong.

Reaching the finish line together with a friend always gives me the runners high.  I am ultra PROUD of Mia finishing strong and beating her 10min per kilometer pace. That was the goal: motivate, motivate and encourage!

The course of the relay was gruesomely filled with hills – what I dread most but it gave me the realization that no matter what, hills are road bumps which strengthens you (metaphorically injected as well) and that these road bumps are impossible for us not to get into hence the only way to survive it is to train and hone it.

Sponsored by RunningAtom, we were very much documented.

RACE RECAP by RunningAtom

10k (Che Bello) – 1:05:xx

5k (Sara Denise Mendoza) – 0:36:xx

3k (Kassy Pajarillo) – 0:18:xx

Final 3k (Mia Bayuga) – 0:17:xx

It will never be the same if it weren’t because of all the motivating TBR classmates (Journeyingjames, Runvocate) who were there cheering on, were part of the relay and inspirational elite athletes who also showcased tons of fun during the run.  Girls do know how to have fun – the athletic way!


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