Tie your shoelaces right!

how to tie your shoelaces

I’m sure there’s a lot of us who has taken tying our shoelaces for granted as much as how we have neglected our running form but Did you know that not being mindful on how you wear your running shoes may actually bring forth injury?

My trainer aligned our first session about the basics: How to tie the knot of your rubber shoes,  running drills to correcting my running form but the lesson about tying the knot actually gave the limelight. Did you know that as simple as how you tie it can actually cause Plantar Fasciitis?

Read through and watch the video for your guidance.

1. Make sure your shoes is half size bigger than your actual shoe size

Aside form discomfort, this is to avoid having black nails and allows room for your foot from swelling. When your toes kept on hitting the wall of your shoes.

2. Wear the right pair of socks, preferably cotton.

it absorbs moisture, sweat and leaves your foot comfortable on not having bruises especially blisters. However don’t wear a 100% cotton socks when going for long distances; wear thicker socks when you’re on trail, compression socks for sprinters. There are a lot of socks depending on your type of needs, type of running but for starters, basic thin cotton socks will work well.

3. Lace them up equally loose and equally tight

The space between your shoes and your laces should be as much as how your pointer finger is, this is how you leave room for your toes and the forefoot. Remember when you run, the motion on your foot expands, it needs to breathe and space to adjust.  Tighten up the arch and up to the ankle but not too much, make sure that it fits your pinky finger, just enough space for your motion on pulling your foot.

4. Tie the knot like a ribbon, facing front not on the side

Get the gist, if the knot and the ribbon of your lace is hanging lose on the side, you’ll always end up tying it over and over again during your run. Make sure you tie it right over left and facing up front. Not too tight though, not too lose too.

Now get off the road, your foot will thank you for it!


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