New Balance Trail Run

Anna, Joko and I : First Time Trail Runners

Nuvali, Sta Rosa baptized me with a lot of firsts in terms of my running milestones; Greenfields Half-Marathon, The Bull Runner Dream Marathon and last sunday on 20 June 2010 during father’s day; together with my friends, we experienced Trail Running.

Being an on-call runner wasn’t hard to agree on.

Paired with Undercover chef. From the 5k sunset turned rainy fun run the day before, without a doubt I was on high being back to running. It was also the first time I used my trail rubber shoes which I have been keeping for almost 2 years and the first time I ran without an ipod.

Trail Running for Beginners Tips

For those who adores running on dirt, you better pay attention to what you’re after for.


  • Drink tons of water 2 hours before the race and bring your own hydration belt (short distance) hydration backpack (long distance)
  • Use your trail shoes and never your road-running shoes. Wear black socks than white, you get the picture why.
  • Don’t wear shorts not unless you’re fine with few scratches from the bushes,  prefer leggings.
  • Know the trail route (and the background) if possible, ask previous trail runners their experience about the route
  • KNOW WHO THE RACE ORGANIZER IS – you wouldn’t want to get into something you’re not sure about, we’re talking about passing by bushes, trees and a lot more on the way. Credibility is a huge plus!
  • Never run ALONE especially if you’re a first timer.believe me, its fun to run with a partner (take pictures!)
  • be aware of the scenery and what’s surrounding you, keep that ipod – You don’t need it.

Overall it was such a fun experience! I LOVE NUVALI! I LOVE THE OUTDOORS! Here’s to a fun strength training and motivation to do squats, lunges and well strengthen my quads to hamstrings. Fine.


3 thoughts on “New Balance Trail Run

  1. pinkcowgirl says:

    Dude I LOVE the new layout!!!! Where did you get that?!?!?!?! And CONGRATS on all your accomplishments!!!!!!!! I need to start showing up more around here!

    • chefsy says:

      COURTNEY!! oh how I missed you!! 🙂 spot on the new layouts on wordpress, pretty neat and dirty eh? 🙂 Yes!! You were there during my beginnings, how can I not update you? have to! 😀

      you’re strong! so let’s work on the core ( ive yet to do the dreadful planks, blah!)

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