Rest & Recovery

overtrainingWhen you’re focused on building endurance and speed, it’s easy to forget how important rest is. “It’s when you’re not running that the muscles rebuilds itself and becomes stronger” says Dr. Bryan Heiderscheit, who heads the Univ. of Wisconsin Medical School’s Runners Clinic.Recovery is vital whether you want to run the race of your life or just get to starting line. “If recovery is insufficient, you’ll bread won more than you build up”.


Does your legs feel sluggish or easily sore? if you stop seeing positive gains it just means you’re overdoing it.  According to Dr. Heiderscheits “Don’t wait for aches or pains to take a recover day.” Runners and any athletes needs to take at least one rest day per week and additional days as needed. One way of knowing if we’re due for a rest is to check our pulse for 60 seconds before getting out of bed.When training we should alternate hard efforts with easy ones for recovery runs, cross-trainings or complete rest. Relaxation helps to heal including cold baths and sport massages.


Eat within 15 to 30 minutes after training that way we recover faster than 24 hours if not it will lead our body into diminished performance. We should consume carbs and protein immedietly after exercise or three hours later. Proteins are three times greater.An equation of 50 grams of cabrs and 10 grams of protein post workout. Yogurt or granola, energy bar or sports drink will do the trick! Replenish the electrolytes and potassium lost.


Ice baths and sports massages improve circulation and flush out waste products, reducing inflammation and soreness. Lympathic drainage massage aren’t just for those who wants to lose weight but it does detoxify our body as well as having to relax our muscle tensions. Self-massage using foam rollers is an at-home alternative.Most muscle damage doesn’t manifest itself with symptoms until 24 hours later.

Over hydration

Although it may sound silly but 8-16 oz of sports drink is enough pre and post work-out but if you do get to expel them much more than just sweat, that’s the time you replenish your body with warm water.

Chocolate Milk

Can’t eat? Chocolate milk is the perfect combo of protein and carbs that will go down easy if your stomach is not ready for solid food.

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