The Bull Runner Dream Marathon : Check list Part 2

Pasta and Pizza eating was such a chore but I survived it. Never say Never, I endured it and swore myself to be more prepared in terms of caloric consumption on my non-running days or non-marathon training days. This girl needs to lose weight but having the license to eat as much carbs was like heaven sent.

Check-list #3  Hydrate, hydrate .. Hydrate!

Need to say more? to know if you’re hydrating properly, your urine should be light yellow to clear. Do not drink unusual energy drinks days before your race day too.

mixture of gatorade and water works!

The hardest part of training is almost … over.

Check list #4: Be at the race area an hour before

Ample time for you to dress up, check your gear, fuel your hydration belt and to pop on that pain killer.  Not only will it release you from post-marathon stress but it will also give you the time to meet few friends for photo documentation!

Coach Jim, Thank You!

Team 5:1

before we conquer - Runaholic & RunningAtom

Make sure your essentials are packed:

  • Race timing chip
  • Race number and safety pins
  • Running outfit, hat, shoes and socks
  • Wristwatch (I use FRUN, dreaming of a garmin)
  • Your race fuels, energy gels (whatever you’ve been training with)
  • petroleum jelly and powder to prevent chaffing.

Tip for you:   add a certain amount of powder inside your socks, coat your foot with petroleum jelly night before and on race day.  Coat your undergarment with petroleum jelly as well before you coat yourself with SPF too.

Check-list #5:  Never EVER eat anything NEW on your race day breakfast

DO NOT EVER attempt on eating something new, for the nth time. This was the huge mistake when I had that pasta. I panicked and just ate whatever carb loaded there is. I should’ve had my usual oatmeal or open-face egg sandwich. You wouldn’t want potty-pot drama on your race, right?  I wasted an accumulated 1 hour from all the potty-breaks I needed to get into due to tummy ache. I should’ve finished Sub-5!






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