The Bull Runner Dream Marathon: Check list Part 3

Being at the race area early, an hour before. You had the time to take few photos with fellow marathoners. Go ahead and do what is next to necessary.

Tip: Go visit the john! Clean that bladder twice before the race. You wouldn’t want to look for a place to hide to release that sprinkle!

Check-list #6 Tag your support team

My girl friends settled on having the girl bonding day during the same date, I wasn’t able to join them. It would’ve been nice to have them at Nuvali (including the boyfriend) but I don’t think they will enjoy waiting for me for 5-6 hours nor the fact they’ll have to accompany me as early as 12 midnight to prepare for the 2am gun time. Nevertheless their presence were still acknowledge, I brought them with me all throughout the race…

29bullets (carla) Caitlin (God-daughter) Iyassexy (iya) jokoness (joko) Miki, Kwe, Believe! ( Mia ) & Tricky (bubu!)

Grateful for Runningatom his support team were around. Running bud MinnieRunner and her cousin Irish were there who took the time to take photos of us, brought our post-race clothing and even assisted us during the half loop towards the end. THANK YOU.

Check-list #7: Warm-up and Stretch!

You arrived early, you saved yourself from a lot of post-race hassle (including the parking slot!) checked-in your bags then you’re set! pin your race bib if you haven’t yet and take a warm up jog to loose those muscles, and use the john before and after.

About to Start, Stretch & Lighten up!

Check list #8 It’s all in the mind

All set for the race? My heart was pounding, I had to continuously condition my mind and to endure the hours I will be spending to finish the race.  As I write this post, I still recall the podcasts I was listening to just to make me fall asleep, the words I’ve been conversing with myself in front of the mirror or every each time I wonder  – The marathon was what I was breathing for every single day, I was able to let go of my social life for sometime and took the crucial weeks by heart. I have never been THAT disciplined all my life and the attempt to break it caused fears, if I broke the game plan and didn’t follow all the tips I’ve read, it was I who will suffer on race day.

Aim to finish, finish strong — injury free!

What happened during the race? It’s an entire different segment of drama.

Check-list #9 Submerge yourself to a COLD BATH, Quick!

Treat that body nice! The advantage of staying at the hotel was that you can actually fall asleep on the bath tub; which I did. Your body is going to thank you for it, believe me.





7 thoughts on “The Bull Runner Dream Marathon: Check list Part 3

  1. freak4fitness says:

    Couldn’t agree more w/ the find the potty tip! Those lines get full QUICK!!
    & warming up is the best advice ever!
    Hey I like your new layout on the blog, looks RAD! 😀

    • kassy says:

      hey strong lady thanks for dropping by! 🙂

      It’s such a struggle lining up, eh. so better be there early and get prepared even EARLIER!

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