You know you’re a runner when… say what!

With few additional revisions, You know you’re a runner when…

1.  When it’s raining and you don’t think twice about going out for that run.  Running in the rain is empowering!

2.  If your favorite part in the movie Avatar was when Jake Sully could run again in his new legs.

3.  When your headphones malfunction mile one of fifteen and you don’t consider heading back home to call it a day.

4.  If you’ve ever woken up before 5AM to sneak a run in  ( or get to squeeze a run after work even if you’re an hour or two commute away)

5.  You no longer hate port-a-pottys.  In fact, there are times when you’re very happy to see one.

6.  You know where your illiotibial band is.

7.  If you’ve ever had dreams about showing up late to a race.

8.  If you’ve ever had dreams that you showed up to a race in high heels (or thinking of running even wearing sneakers, just because)

9.  If you’re in a waiting room for 20 minutes at the dentist’s office and think “I could have run 2 miles by now!”.

10.  If you thought to the last statement, “I could have done 2.5!”.

11.  If you’ve ever taken an ice bath.

12.  If you’ve ever taken an ice bath after a run on a cold 10 degree, snowy day. (or after a big bucket of sweat after the gym)

13.  If a normal Friday/Saturday evening is pizza and a movie (carb-loading), damn marathon training.

14.  If you have a collection of race bibs (and has an addiction to collecting medals!)

15.  You’re only recent photos are of you from your last race.

16.  If you know how many miles are in 10 kilometers.

17.  If you have ever run on a major holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

18.  If you’ve ever bought Gu (or jellie bellies) by the case.

19.  You use words like “ten miler” and “easy run” in the same sentence

20.  If you’ve ever registered for a 10 mile race on a whim an hour before registration closes and the race is only 2 days later.

Snagged from freak4fitness , thanks lady!


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