Back to a 8 weeks self-project

2 January 2010 reviewing my blog posts I read that I will be running a marathon this year and attend yoga more often than how I did in the past years. I have never really thought I was able to run a marathon in short training months to think I only indulged into the marathon training quite on the latter weeks of my supposed training months.

Browsing along the previous posts until the end of my archives, I realized I was undergoing one day at a time project to  mid-term 8 weeks project for a long term project which I eventually achieved along the way. Now that I’m restarting on my runs and all of my goals, my aim now is towards better performance and build a stronger endurance also stamina and flexibility.

Base, base, base! It’s all about building the base!

Here’s to the half marathon on 10.10.10, the reason I accidentally got into the full marathon event and the full marathon on february 2011 for Condura.

The 8 weeks project starts tonight. I will be back running from my post-marathon recovery, 2 weeks makes one weak and get fat.  I can’t take it any longer.


3k back to PR 15 minutes

5k back to PR 25 minutes

Here’s to training for speed and my 2nd half-marathon on October.


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