The Bull Runner Dream Marathon: Check List Part 1

The Dream Marathon has given me the will power to commute from my residence to Sta. Rosa, it is by far the farthest and courageous distance I have ever travelled. Rode a Shuttle service at SM Southmall, grateful the shuttle driver is hospitable and concrete, he directed me to where I should ride next and how much the tricycle fare should be.

I intend to get back to sleep by 1500 at El Cielito Hotel hence I left home around 1300 after waking up at around 900am to double check if I have brought everything I need for the race and to condition myself away from pre-race jitters.

Check list #1 : Have an adequate 8 hours of sleep day before the race.

There’s nothing to be worried about or be anxious of, I am prepared.

The weather was unbearable but I managed to get out of the house whole heartedly without complaints. I was in control of my emotions keeping the positive vibes rather than being overpowered by negative thoughts.

Superior Newly Renovated Room

When I got to the hotel at about 1500, I was informed that the room  reserved for me was the newly renovated biggest suite. I felt pampered and spoiled by the Universe, I thanked the young ladies who assisted my registration and had a little chit chat with the conceirge who carried my luggage  and made sure my room was ready as he welcomed me in.

I was feeling a bit light headed, the bed was what I was craving for. No time to panic, all I need was sleep and lunch. I had Grilled Pizza and got myself ready for bed.

An hour after my fellow TBR Dream Marathoner RunningAtom arrived; took few minutes to talk and off we had ourselves visit snoozeland.  Hours after at about 2200 our cheerleaders  Minnie Runner and her cousin Irish arrived. We ate our dinner through room service, took 1000 mg Alaxan pain killer (advised by Running Shield) and slept for another 2 hours before we finally prepped up for the race.

Check-list #2 : Carbo load 2-3 hours before the race

You have no idea how much food I have consumed the entire week in preparation for the marathon.  At first the license to eat was such a delight especially for a weight watcher but along the way, eating such tremendous amount of carbhohydrates came close to nightmare. It sure did motivated me to train further in order for me to burn at least what I have consumed.

Eating was such a chore, I was already trying to digress myself away from it but I had to be well fueled for the race. I swear, I have never been this obedient to what must/should be done.

Pasta it is.

PART 2 to be continued..

I don’t even really know how to describe the race except that I had two very clear thoughts at two very different parts of the course, and they were as follows:

• This is one of the best experiences of my entire life
• This is the worst experience of my entire life

And it was, really. Both of those things.





9 thoughts on “The Bull Runner Dream Marathon: Check List Part 1

  1. Nora, the golden girl says:

    Kakainggit! Sarap ng tulugan! Sarap ng kainan! Late naman na kasi yong invitation mo sa akin . . .

    I had 0 hr of sleep before the race, and 0 carbo loading. And I didn’t know about the Alaxan prescription of Patrick!

    Bilisan mo naman ang Part 2.

  2. chefsy says:

    You’re back blogging!! I am so glad you’re back logging in! How are you?
    well, I was worried about you not getting much sleep hence I invited you, too but no worries. you were well prepared for it, you’re the most determined person ever born! 🙂

    0 sleep but you had your power naps. You’ve been sleeping early throughout the course even before the marathon came in 🙂

    Next time do the Alaxan, it works like super wonders!

    Part 2. Yes, Yes, Waittttt! 🙂

  3. Di says:

    I love the human will and the spirit to overcome challenges. Marathon runners are no different. They train, they hurt, the have fun and everything in between to get to the finish line. Congratulations Kassy! Yes, you are (NOW) a marathon runner.

  4. freak4fitness says:

    You know, I haven’t done a marathon yet myself, but I can totally understand your 2 thoughts about the marathon, being the best & worst. Can’t wait to hear more!

  5. Suzanne says:

    Hi there! I’m the one you sat beside with last Wednesday. =) It was great chatting with you and sharing those race stories with you. Congratulations again for finishing TBR Dream Marathon! You looked very strong in your pictures and it just goes to show that you can conquer any distance. Hope to see you on the road!

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