The Bull Runner Dream Marathon: What’s on your race bag?

Documenting what I have gone through in preparation for The Dream Marathon, the thoughts and the experience itself is one of those which can’t be expressed much into words but I wouldn’t miss this for the world. My first Marathon, the beat of my heart as I see the clock ticking; excitement is an understatement.

So what are these things inside my race bag? Aside from my FRUN watch to track my time and the KINESIO TAPE which I’ll have on my right foot to avoid the plantar fasciitis ache..

This is it!

Now, all that I’d have to do is to re-condition my mind more for the distance I will be conquering. Patience is going to be well practiced and have my life assessed one kilometer at a time, shall forget my dreadful past which I can no longer get back to and move on with better days.

meanwhile, I am watching RENT for the nth time for more feel good.

The Bull Runner Dream Marathon

Off I go now and check-in at El Cielito. Sleep at around 1pm and wake up 12midnight in time to prep up for the 130 am call time for the 2am race. Let’s DO this, Let’s GO!


5 thoughts on “The Bull Runner Dream Marathon: What’s on your race bag?

    • chefsy says:

      Hi Joy! Im sure you’ll breeze through the marathon. Hey, I hope you were able to get sleep 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you and running with you!!

    • chefsy says:

      Tulog nalang ang kailangan! I have to leave and check in the hotel na, ang inet, ayoko umalis! Hahah! Ready ka na? panis ang marathon sayo eh. grabe ka eh. Haha!

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