Recovery & Training for the next Half-Mary

I have just conquered a Half-Mary but that doesn’t mean the training stops there. The experience was to taste the distance, finish injury free and prove myself that although there was fluctuating right foot problem – there’s always a remedy. Now, on my next Half-Marathon I aim to improve the time and NOT finish 3rd to the last of the pack, anymore.

I aim to have my second half – mary on 10.10.10 which was my original goal, my supposed first goal but then The Greenfield Sunset run was too invitingly delightful, who would resist such amazing breezy night run?

After a hard work-out, long route. Recovery runs are important. For now here’s the plan I’m going to do:

Goal: To recover from the marathon and return to desired training program.

Mileage Progression
Week Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
27 Race J/W J/W J/W 2 4 0
28 4 0 2 4 2 4 0
29 8 0 2 4 2 4 0
30 10 2 2 5 2 5 0
J/W days are short jogs or walks.
All runs done at an easy pace (75-80% effort) or slower.


Perhaps try to make this FARTLEK Training program work for me in between Cross-training/ Rest days.

Week 1

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 60 min fartlek run (12 min warm up 6 x 4 min intervals at 5K race pace with 2 minutes easy jog in between, 12 min cool down)
Wednesday: 45 min easy run
Thursday: Tempo run – 2K warm up, 3K tempo (slightly faster than moderate pace), 2K cool down
Friday: 45 min easy run
Saturday: 30 to 60 min easy run
Sunday: 75 min long run (15 min easy, 45 min slightly faster than easy pace, 15 min easy)

Week 2

Monday: Off
Tuesday: Track – 2K warm up jog, 3 x 1000 m at 5K pace with 400 m jog in between, 2K cool down walk/run
Wednesday: 45 min easy run
Thursday: Tempo run – 1.5K warm up, 4K tempo, 1.5K cool down
Friday: 45 min easy run
Saturday: 30 to 60 min easy run
Sunday: 90 min long run at easy pace with 30- to 60- second surges at 10K race pace.

Week 3

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 60 min fartlek run (10 min warm up, 8 x 3 min intervals at 5K race pace with 2 minutes recovery jog in between, 10 min cool down)
Wednesday: 45 min easy run
Thursday: Tempo run – 1K warm up, 5K tempo, 1K cool down
Friday: 45 min easy run
Saturday: 30 to 60 min easy run
Sunday: 90 min long run at easy pace

Week 4 (Recovery Week)

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 60 min fartlek run – 15 min easy, 30 min easy fartlek (30- to 60-second surges as 5K race pace with at least 3 min recovery jog in between), 15 min easy
Wednesday: 45 min easy run
Thursday: Off
Friday: 45 min easy run
Saturday: 45 min easy run
Sunday: 60 min easy run (or interim 10K race)



We can’t dictate our life according to plan but its good to have such plotted out along the way. There are instances wherein life had to take its toll, outings, health reasons, or work had to move your schedule to another day but fear not, I have broken my target to shorter goals. The motivation is to have at least one or two races in a month, improve and earn back my 25 minutes 5km PR, and achieve a Sub-60 for 10km distance.

Then move along to a 15km, probable? we’ll see.

Sounds like a good plan? Easier said than done. Remembering my all time motto: “There’s no such thing as impossible, only extreme difficulties.”

Will start on this plan next week. For now, I shall prioritize relaxation, recovery away from runs and then be on full throttle back in the game. Massage and Yoga, Hello there!


10 thoughts on “Recovery & Training for the next Half-Mary

  1. MinnieRunner says:

    Impossible is Nothing!

    Congrats Kassy for your first half marathon! I’m sorry we have to leave our early as our shuttle asked us to be there by 9:30PM.

    You finished 3rd to the last? I don’t believe you.

    Hope I could have the same courage as you do. My left foot disappoints me last Saturday that I have to have a very slow jog towards the end of the race route. But did enjoy as I danced in the tune of “I Gotta Feeling” as we pass by the route with speakers and all.

    I don’t know but running a 15K is up in my head now. But I still wanted to have a sub-30 5K and a 1:10 10K.

    • chefsy says:

      it’s all good. it was nice having and seeing you all. thanks for waiting for us. appreciate it. PICTURES! 🙂 We’ll bump into each other and have fun again.

      Yes, I finished 3rd to the last. there were about few others who didn’t finish and took the short cut. There was about 2 who were taken by the medics. So, I still pushed through and finished. Sarap ng pa vip feeling, sinusundan ng mga marshall and medics on motorcycle/van para lang celebrity may bodyguards then towards the finish line everyone were cheering – FINALLY! Hahahaha :))

  2. freak4fitness says:

    Completely agree w/ your last paragraph. I think training programs are a great guideline, but those programs don’t know YOU specifically. I think everyone is unique and requires different training techniques for our different bodies.
    I’m personally not following a plan, but I do look at plans as a good guideline of what I should be doing to improve my run.
    Congrats on finishing the half marathon! Excellent work! I’m so glad you did it, and came out of wanting to get stronger. That’s the runner attitude!

  3. kenleyjones says:

    Hi, New to your site here. Was sent by the Running Atom per a chat we just had. Great guy. It seems as though your half marathon went according as planned. Congratulations with that. I have my first one planned in August. As far as planning out your runs, very well said. I love to plan out my runs 2 weeks in advance. I find that I accomplish my runs when written down. I look forward to reading more here. Take care and God Bless! Oh, I use blogspot, if you want to check out my site its Thanks and have a good one.

    • chefsy says:

      Hey! Thanks for visiting my site. Yes, the half marathon went according to plan but of course the next is to work on speed aside from the endurance. Congratulations and good luck on your first on August!

      I agree on the planning and having to mark it all down right in writing. There’s nothing like accomplishing your goals one by one.

      Will add you on my blog roll 🙂

  4. sheila says:

    Hi there! Awesome job for completing a half marathon! And more applaud to you for continuing the training. i made that mistake after I ran my first half marathon. I stopped training and went on relaxation mode. I ran here and there but I wasn’t running as much. Now, I’m having to kinda start over again. I’m running a full this year and I’m starting my training again.

    • chefsy says:

      Im running full this year, I’m nervous! It’s on May 22. I’ve got 3 weeks to continue. I’ll post the update. I just haven’t been blogging much. When are you running a full?

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