Greenfield Sunset Pikermi: The Training, The Excitement Post #1

Greenfield Half Marathon, Let's Go!

Greenfield Sunset Run has given me the switch to prove and improve myself.

Several nights I kept on having thoughts “I can’t do it” but come morning after it switches back to its optimistic ” I can. I have the time now, I’ll prepare for it!” I wasn’t scared of running and conquering the pikermi – I was more concerned, scared of having injuries since my right foot has been acting up badly during the previous runs.

The National Geographic Earth Run gave me a huge disappointment not to run the half-marathon. Since I had it all in my head and I have been very much eager to go for the half ; all I had left was to find the quick remedy for my over-supinated right foot. God loving, I used my Nike Gift Certificate and went to Nike Factory outlet to pick up my new pair of shoes ( to think my lunar racers are only 2 months old ). Sadly, Lunar Glide ran out of stock hence I was left with the Nike Pegasus pair which I have researched and looked upon good for my gait.

What was I thinking? New Pair?

Pegasus & Lunar Racers

I felt the intensity of my passion for running. It has only been 2 months since I have bought my Lunar Racers and here I am again about to spend for another pair since my gait changed. It was my hope to training better, I can’t depend on my Kinesio Tape for long; hence as I tried the new pair I felt so much better – or so atleast, hopeful to feel much better.


As soon as I bought the new pair, I went straight to the gym to break it in. I know, It should be on the road but my schedule says it was my rest/strength training day hence I used it for 10 minutes on the treadmill for warm up, an hour long cycling class, 30 minutes on the elliptical and 5 min cool down on the treadmill.

I appreciate cross-training far better than how I just knew about it. My right foot felt glad, my thighs weren’t as sore as it was during my 10k and my body sure felt less sore than I expected. The next day, on a very hot afternoon I tried the new pair on and took a quick 5 minute warm up and 8 minutes jog route around the village; 13 minutes in a kilometer made me head back en route at home. The temperature was steaming, the ray of the sun was stinging.

My attempt to catch up on training. I have trained the last week before the 21km race in and out of the gym.

  • Sunday, 18 April  : 10km National Geographic Earth Run
  • Mon, 19 April :  30 minutes walk at BHS  (had a job interview)
  • Tues, 20 April :  1 Hour Cycling, Treadmill, Elliptical, Yogilates, Dumbell/Core ( New Shoes!)
  • Wed, 21 April :  1 Hour Cycling Class, 5min Treadmill, 10min Elliptical
  • Thurs, 22 April : 13 min 1km route
  • Fri, 23 April : 1 Set of Valerie Waters Pilates (Val slides), Yoga Stretching
  • Sat, 24 April : RACE DAY!

By the last 2 weeks I should’ve been tapering my runs for the marathon but instead I was catching up on endurance.  10 kilometers has been my longest run ever, I haven’t even reached the 15-18 km stretch but reviewing the marathon guide which Jaymie sent us for The Bull Runner Dream Marathon and my work-out calendar, I realized I have been following somehow the program accordingly:  two (2) 45 minutes maintenance run, cross-training and at least have a 90 minute run. I have learned along the way that It takes a while to accept that a training program has two components: activity and rest. It sure is amazing reviewing my work-out calendar -filling it in with routes and sessions. I have to include strength training to my schedule if I want my running to improve and increase my stamina and endurance.


I run for two reasons.  I run to stay in shape, and I run because there is something in me that gets a major rush from training to do things I think I can’t do.  For me, that part of it is extremely rewarding, and that’s where my passion comes from.

I am a perpetual Penguin. In the running lexicon a “Penguin” is a person who runs more for the joy of running than for recognition and/or its public rewards; someone who find their joy in the challenge of reaching their own potential, whatever that is. For others, it has meant finding an independence and freedom in their daily runs that expands their limits. A motivation to move forward, farther, and conquer. I can’t deny that preparing for both half-marathon and the marathon is making me feel PROUD. It uplifts my personality that I am made of hardcore and nothing nor no one can stop me from being – and I don’t intend to ruin what I have started. The satisfactory of reaching each goal makes me hopeful that life itself is all about the journey towards the destination.

Half-Marathon is NOT JUST 13.1 miles, its a distance which gave me spunk and courage to be stronger, not just in running routes but in life per se. This half-marathon preparation got me all hyped up on survival. It prepares not just your body but also your mental capability towards pushing yourself. Physical and Mental. I have been more conscious on my food intake, sleeping hours,discipline towards achieving each day production/engagements, and it has slowly growing to be innate.

Creating itunes playlist, downloading random songs from running bloggers, being in synch and in touch with fellow runners through blogs, daily mile, and twitter were my motivational tools.It’s such a nice feeling being cheered by people all over the world knowing we all have the same passion, vision, goal and adrenaline for running (health as a whole).

I’m grateful for those people who has been there with me since that day I struggled my weight and my health for almost 3 years now (2007) and all new acquainted friends all over the world for the encouragement, and my girl friends / guy friends who has been there running with me, started running together with me and supportive all the way! ( we have created a cult! )

—– **

Many Thanks for the Gold’s Gym one-year free membership birthday gift from friends from ( Sarah, Bailey ) , you all knew what I went through. Coolest Editor John McGran who now encourage more people through diet-to-go; Karena and Katrina of toneitup , Valerie Waters for the Val slides gift and all the exchange of virtual guidance. You were all there since day one and still continuously cheering me on even if we all live from a different time zones amongst others.

…. Next Post.


8 thoughts on “Greenfield Sunset Pikermi: The Training, The Excitement Post #1

    • chefsy says:

      Hi Mariel! I really have to train with speed on our marathon dream, that I’m sure don’t want to finish last. 🙂 I’ll know how it’s going to turn out after our sunday nuvali long run; I’m not a fan of morning long races but the taste of the half-mary sure did gave me the motivation to train even more.

      How are you?

  1. MinnieRunner says:

    You were very serious in your training Kassy, that’s why you conquered your half. I too run for self fulfillment. I am a couch potato and a not so athletic person in my school years. But now we all have the bragging rights of calling ourselves RUNNERS!

    I am really glad that running brought our paths together. I am looking forward at calling ourselves marathoners some time soon 😀

    • chefsy says:

      Thanks Madz! Trying my very best to conquer and to get through it. It’s been a rough road but everything is possible – it requires a lot of discipline though and heart.

      Let’s do it! Let’s do it! 🙂

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