Prep up for Greenfield Sunset Run

You have NO IDEA how nervous and excited I am to my first half marathon tomorrow at Greenfield Sunset Run.

I still yet to post about the National Geographic Earth Run and yet here’s the weekend then again to give life a little more surprise.

Will update and type in what I wrote on my tiny notebook of thoughts but Yes, I can’t expound on how nervous I am for tomorrow’s race.


2 thoughts on “Prep up for Greenfield Sunset Run

  1. patrick concepcion / runningshield says:

    Being nervous is all part of the game. Modesty aside ive run over 300 races and still this day i still get nervous everytime i race. Its normal, its what makes life exciting but most of all regardless how slow or fast you finished the race whats important you did your best. Have fun tom you will do great

    • chefsy says:

      Sir! thank you for dropping by my blog. I also caught you running towards the half of the race, you’re one speedy gonzales! it was motivating having an exchange of hello from you ( i just dont know if you knew it was me) Haha!

      I had fun. thank you for the cheer of motivation, It helped – a lot. I did had fun 🙂

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