Preparation to National Geographic Earth Run 2010

Earth Run

On 18 April 2010 at the SM Mall of Asia, National Geographic Channel is celebrating its very first NatGeo Earth Day Run celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. Gun Start at 6am for 3k, 5k and 10k races, there are going to be 8 Earth Runs to be held around the metro.

From the previous unfortunate events last year due to last year’s Ondoy flooding, the proceeds of the Earth Run will go to the building of sustainable Eco-villages and support to the global competition to support rebuild climate resilient communities for a greener environment.

What have you done lately to support Earth Day’s global mission?

I have been cautious about those paper cups during each race. I refuse throwing those cups on the road and waste water. If you got a cup or two, drink it all up and have it placed to the designated bin – NOT on the road. You’d have to think about those other runners behind you, they might slip and get injured too! Have you thought of that?

Don’t throw anything out from your window when driving or whenever you’re out per se, keep them and wait until you find a trash can; even those cigarette butts. Better yet, Quit Smoking.

Other than all these small changes, I have also been trying to infect as much people by telling them not to throw items out on the road, not to wrap items on plastic when I purchase goods at mini stop or stores if it can fit my purse. Also,prepared myself to go for a 10k – supportive of National Geographic as they also supported my event last 4 April 2010 at Whitespace Makati during The Big Easter Egg Hunt.

Many thanks for the eco-loot bag, runners shirt, National Geographic April Issue, and for delivering the free race kits for me and D. I LOVE NATIONAL

April issue 2010

GEOGRAPHIC, How I wish I’d be able to have a lifetime subscription just like when I was younger (This girl needs to broaden her knowledge to other things)

Training wise I made sure I logged 10km for the entire week before this Sunday’s race. Interval training ( 5 min Jog, 5 min walk, 5 min Jog, 5 min Cool ) , 3k Tempo Run of 9.6-10.6 pace, 1 day of Yogilates for Cross training and 1 day for Strength training.

Looking through my journal, I am very pleased and proud for the dedication I have been pouring. After this run, I shall continuously train for the Sunset Run half-marathon this 24th.

We’ll be at PANCAKE HOUE Mall of Asia for breakfast. Where will you be? See Ya!


6 thoughts on “Preparation to National Geographic Earth Run 2010

    • chefsy says:

      we had free breakfast at Tapa King courtesy of National Geographic, I love them! 🙂 and the run, well.. it was gruesome. Post again later, how was your earth run?

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