The Dream Mary & Front Runner Magazine

There is a lot of preparation if you’re dreaming and/or wanting to finish a marathon.  It’s not like one of those 3k or 5k races wherein somehow you take advantage of the distance – waking up with only few hours of sleep and not much hardcore preparation has been made and yet you get to reach the finish line without the heat stinging your skin nor draining you out on much exhaustion; of course that’s a false practice but you do get the gist.

The Marathon requires more than physical conditioning, it needs sharp mental preparation too.  21k and 42k? by the sound of it I’m already scared for my life.

How am I coping with the fear? With the help of the following:

1. The Bull Runner Dream Marathon Sessions

2.  Front Runner Magazine

Fear no more as FRONT RUNNER magazine has launched their second edition which has marathon preparation tips from women to women.

Front Runner Magazine Edition #2

3.  Runners, blog friends commenting each other tips, blog posts regarding their experiences and remedy, everyone’s inspiring stories.

4. My Boo, for being a convert. I know he’s scared for the dream marathon, he didn’t even know what he signed up for but now that he’s aware – we’re both in this, we’re both in it.  My life support.

5. Gold’s Gym, the one year free membership from my friends in Boston gave me.  Now, I can do strength training and circuit training without any excuse.

6. Adination together with , I shall join the runs around Makati Triangle. Can’t wait to meet more of you runners!  anyone care to run with me around makati after work?

Knowledge and preparation is key. vision without action is failure to the dream. I’ve got more to mention and blog about along the way.  Now, what’s my game plan?  The marathon is happening this May already!


4 thoughts on “The Dream Mary & Front Runner Magazine

  1. maan says:

    Hey fellow dream marathoner! 🙂 yeah like you I’m beginning to get intimidated by the marathon, but I’m also preparing for it by joining the bull sessions. See you on the 27th! 🙂

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