Century Tuna Superbods Experience

Century Tuna Run

My right foot felt numb on my last 2km - There's no stopping now!

Century Tuna Superbods Run

Finish what you've started - there's nothing else like it

I had to rest for a week from running since I already felt my calves were having this tightening feeling – signals of cramp scared me much. Now, I am back on my route for a 10km race this coming Sunday.

I have the entire week to up my mileage in the morning and have my muscles used to longer routes again; I hope my calves won’t turn numb on me.

Note to self: WARM UP (Pre-race jog) then stretch before the actual run and NOT during the run itself.

This is the start of my half-mary training. I’m WAY FAR from the mileage and training (mentally and physically) but I am ON for the challenge.

Let's Go!

With all of your help. I’m excited to meet and get to run with you too! Please be my trainer and I’ll allow myself be ass kicked by your awesomeness 🙂


6 thoughts on “Century Tuna Superbods Experience

  1. slorunnermom says:

    You can do this. I know you can. All journeys are taken one step at a time. So looking forward to hearing about your training – from the inside out. Sometimes the external changes don’t happen as quickly as we like, but I have discovered the internal changes are quite amazing.

  2. RunningAtom says:

    I agree wit slorunnermom 🙂
    Watch Naruto shippuuden, you’ll learn a lot of will strength there, hehehe! kidding…

    But seriously, I like this one: “Note to self: WARM UP (Pre-race jog) then stretch before the actual run and NOT during the run itself. ” I also did some stretching while running due to side-stitch, hahaha!

    • chefsy says:

      I’m aiming for swimming lessons.. you’re motivating me!! 🙂 naiinggit ako sa swimming powers mo, iba ang paddling powers lang for surfing sa actual swimming 😉

      You’re super julie!

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