A lil’ Girly Rant

If you’re not running and you want to lose weight – count your calories.

I have been gaining weight since I haven’t had my run as often as everyday hence the photos showed the proof in addition to feeling it when I take my route.

I no longer believe in going on a diet but for the love of self and running, I’d have to get back to counting my calories in addition to getting back to having the route every morning.

My prescriptions aren’t helping, I know I just have to keep on going and fighting for me not to balloon again.

Enough rest. Time to get up and GO!

5km training will start tom (Friday) then onwards to 10km.

Game Plan

25 min jog
400m Sprints


6 thoughts on “A lil’ Girly Rant

  1. RunningAtom says:

    Kassy, don’t pressure yourself. It takes time, commitment and perseverance. Just be patient and never give up. Even me, I’m not yet giving up that I will still gain an inch or two on my height, hahaha!

    • kasuy says:

      actually, its pain in the .. well, yeah. when it comes to counting calories. let’s just eat like a goat , be hungry for meat and .. RUN! 🙂

      see you unilab? im going for a 10km and barely ran much mileage!!

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