Wish list came true, and more.

There’s this certain power towards writing down your goals and wish lists. Remembering my 2010 Wish List, I’m glad that almost everything fell into place and the universe has been helping me towards having them – whew, that was quick!

1. The hosting gig gave me the opportunity to purchase my new shoes, Luna Racers which motivated me to pursue on making 2010 as the year for races.

2. I have been blessed with my own Justin Timberlake to run together with. It was a wishful thinking I never thought would happen soon but It did. There are no words on how grateful I am for having him in my life. Much more motivated and determined to keep on going.

3. New Nike Clothes! It felt good to reward myself once in a while especially after finishing one race come after another.

Now, It’s just that Garmin or Timex watch which needs to be worked out on. I’m saving and by the time I get to have one? I’m sure running will be sweeter than ever every each time.

Adding to my list are the following:

1. Rudy Project Sunglasses or Nike Sunglasses for running

2. Power balance for Surfing (and Running)

To top these all off, I dream to achieve a half-marathon. Training, discipline, and mental condition is going to be tested but hey, its worth aiming for.


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