Lessons Pre-Superbods

I caught RENT the night before the Superbods race today which made me come home late. I missed the drinking session with my friends but that’s the price I had to pay since I’m committed to my sport and didn’t want to sabotage myself once I get to the early morning race.

Seriously, I have never been like this in such a long time. I picked running over the rare good night session with my friends.

Here are few lessons which made me relearn again:

1. Sleep 8 hours, day before and 2 days before the race. sleep is not negotiable, and an accumulated sleep deficit can lead to serious consequences both for our health and our performance.
2. Do not have caffein day before or night before the race
3. If you don’t have ample time to run, walk as often as you can or squeeze even 10 minutes brisk walking and sprinting.
4. Hydrate, everyday. Finish at least 10 glasses of water every single day to avoid muscle cramps.

I haven’t had much routes all through-out the week but it was a good thing that I did squeezed few minutes even for breezy walks in the morning. I should get back to running more mileage and do strength training for my endurance and stamina. It doesn’t happen overnight but working out on it everyday sure does give huge difference.

I felt this sudden numbness on my right leg towards the last 2km of my 5km route. I had a hard time walking and running, I tried to sprint once in a while and it sure felt gruesome. I’ve yet to know the reason behind it but it surely didn’t stop me from reaching the finish line.

I’m just glad I finished what I started and that struggle didn’t stop me from going.


2 thoughts on “Lessons Pre-Superbods

    • chefsy says:

      Thanks! I feel it has something to do with spider web legs? oh no! varicose veins.. noooo or lack of salt, potassium but will have these feet checked for sure!

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